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We’ve used on a number of projects and have found it to be a useful tool, especially around CI environments.  We recently started a Windows Azure project that uses SQL Server and discovered that DbDeploy.Net didn’t work.

There have been a few nagging issues with DbDeploy.Net as well, like the lack of support for recursive script directories, and when we looked into the code base, we discovered that it’s not really written to modern software development standards, and that getting it there would take quite a bit of work, almost as much as just rewriting it, and not much effort has gone into the original version lately.

Not wanting to shirk from a challenge, we rewrote it. Smile  We didn’t use any code from the original.  Some of the concepts are similar, but for the most part, it’s a complete rewrite.

You can download the new version at There’s still plenty of work to do, but its fully functional (and unit tested) for Sql Server and Sql Azure environments, provided that your scripts are Sql Azure friendly (the scripts that Sql Server Management Studio generates are not, but easy to fix).

We look forward to your feedback.

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