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Many times in the Career advice section at we are asked this question

What are the essential skills for a web developer? 

Rather than posting/reposting time and again, thought of writing a post about it.  This post details what according to me and some of the well established people I know think about essential skills that a web developer should posses.

You can find similar entry at Essential Skills for Web Developer in 2010

  1. HTTP/TCP protocol from a very high overview perspective
  2. JavaScript/CSS/XHTML
  3. ASP.NET of-course (since you will be opting for MS technologies)
  4. Authentication/ Authorization techniques
  5. WCF/Web Services
  6. AJAX
  7. jQuery (and similar javascript libraries like Prototype, ExtJS etc.)
  8. Unit Testing / Integration Testing (NUnit, MBUnit, Selenium, WatiN etc or VS Test)
  9. Silverlight awareness
  10. Common design patterns
  11. Strong Object Oriented skills

Happy Programming !!!


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