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Getting Rules from an exchange account configured in Outlook is pretty easy if we understand the hierarchy of the API. I banged my head for 2 days to get the exact function and attributes to get them. Keeping it here hoping that it will help someone who are searching for the same.

Dim olRules As Outlook.Rules = Globals.ThisAddIn.Application.Session.DefaultStore.GetRules

For Each olRule As Outlook.Rule In olRules
If olRule.Conditions.From.Recipients.Count > 0 Then
Dim exUser As Outlook.ExchangeUser = olRule.Conditions.From.Recipients.Item(1).AddressEntry.GetExchangeUser
Dim FromEmail As String = exUser.PrimarySmtpAddress
MessageBox.Show(“FROM:  ” & FromEmail)
ElseIf olRule.Conditions.SentTo.Enabled Then
Dim exUser As Outlook.ExchangeUser = olRule.Conditions.To.Recipients.Item(1).AddressEntry.GetExchangeUser
Dim ToEmail As String = exUser.PrimarySmtpAddress
MessageBox.Show(“TO: ” & ToEmail)
ElseIf olRule.Conditions.Subject.Enabled Then
MessageBox.Show(“Subject: ” & olRule.Conditions.Subject.Text)
End If
If olRule.Actions.Item(1).ActionType = Outlook.OlRuleActionType.olRuleActionMoveToFolder Then
MessageBox.Show(“Move To Folder: ” & olRule.Actions.MoveToFolder.Folder.FolderPath)
End If
Please note that this is a sample code generated as an illustration of getting the values from the attributes ONLY.
This code is NOT intended to show best practices or ideal code.
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# Rules for defer delivery message
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Could you help me
I need to create a rule in outlook for defer a delivery message
The code is like that :
Set colRules = Application.Session.DefaultStore.GetRules()
‘Create the rule by adding a SendRule to Rules collection
Set oRule = colRules.Create(“Envoi différé”, olRuleSend)
Set oDeferRuleAction = oRule.Actions(OlRuleActionType.olRuleActionDefer)
With oDeferRuleAction
.enabled = True
then the first action is activate “delete category” but not defer delivery and I can’t set a number of minutes

End With
some thing is missing I don’t know

tank’s a lot for your help
Left by Lamboeuf on Jan 12, 2012 6:07 PM

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