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I haven't been here for quite some time - and called by today mainly because I got an email from someone asking for the training program I knocked up for my binary watch ... mentioning the post I made about it here some time ago (the original post is below) .

When I looked at the original entry I made (through curiosity really), I found that, via the comments section, quite a few people had also asked for it!! Yikes - sorry!

So anyway, I've now put a zipped .exe of this here (1.5Mb). There's no setup program - so it might not run. Runs ok at this end of course!

I wonder if anyone will donate (right-click the watch face for options etc)?

Original Post

I've knocked up a training program for my binary watch - here's a snapshot of it running:

The snapshot shows it running in cheat mode, i.e. the top window's displaying the denary-time, and the related binary. Normally, the program runs in a mode where it occasionally pops up and challenges you to a game of 'Interpret the Time' - all user configurable of course!

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