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As you might know Click Once does not support Firefox, to be more specific ClickOnce even requires IE to be your default browser to work 100%.
There are a few workarounds available:

  • use IE for installing the Click Once application.
    This sounds a bit odd, but is probably is the easiest solution. If Firefox is your default browser you might still be able to install a click once app by using IE.
    The problem: If your Application carries a bootstrapper along with it to install prerequisites before the actual ClickOnce install, then it might not work.
    Workaround here:
  • Install a FireFox Plugin to support ClickOnce
    You find one here:
    The problem is: solution does not work for Online ClickOnce Apps.
  • Use ClickOnce Shortcuts
    If you install an click once application ( with offline availibility ) you find a shortcut in your Startmenu. The shortcut contains all information neccessary to launch or install the application. Put such a shortcut on you server (e.g with the text “Firefox users click here) and once the users clicks it in Firefox the Open/Save dialog appears. If the users has downloaded shortcut to his local machine and run it, Click Ocne will be invoked and the app will be installed.
    The problem: solution does not work for Online ClickOnce Apps

 You find more details over at Saurabh Pant’s blog .

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Have bloged on this issue of ClickOnce support for FireFox which you might find relevant to you post above.
Left by Saurabh (MSFT) on Mar 02, 2006 10:00 AM

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