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I intended to start this blog over a month ago.  That was when I changed jobs, going from a .NET developer position with a large bank to a .NET developer position with a small marketing company.

This isn't meant to be a work blog, per se.  In fact, blogging about one's employer in any detail at all is sort of the economic equivalent of... well, I can't think of a good metaphor right now.  Just imagine something very risky and somewhat humorous and pretend I said that just then.  It would really help me out.

This is a work blog only by way of technology.  You see, I'm a developer who has only within the past few years really started to sink his teeth into things like domain-driven design, object-oriented programming, agile methodologies, TDD, and a host of other acronyms that you'd already know if you knew what that other stuff was.  In my prior job, I got to use some of these things at a fairly rudimentary level.

At my new job, these things are the coin and currency and of how development is done.  I'm learning things and being challenged at a rate that probably hovers somewhere between "my brain hurts" and "beyond my capacities."  So, I thought a good way to keep track of these things and chart this course would be a blog.  Not only would it be useful for my own reference, but in the event someone actually reads it, experts can correct me and suggest things, novices can find some helpful material (probably from the experts correcting me and suggesting things), and people arouond where I'm at can commiserate.

Since I'm starting late, I may have to do a little backfilling.  There's already a lot to write about.

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