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If you have a web site using Umbraco and you wish to add the ability to comment on submitted articles then UComment is a quite brilliant little package, the functionality can be added in no time at all.  My problem was that the web site in question uses Umbraco 4.0.x.x and I couldn’t upgrade to the most recent (4.7 at the time of writing) due to not being able to back up the database before I begin (shared web hosting).

This meant I was forced in to using UComment 1.0 because 1.1 is tied to Umbraco 4.5 and 1.2 is tied to Umbraco 4.7 etc.. so I downloaded the 1.0 Umbraco package and installed it.  Unfortunately there are bugs in UComment 1.0 to do with page validation and the forcing of the user to enter a web site address before they can post anything.  The comment form would not pass validation checks for, .org, and lots of other possible domains.  I have modified the UComment 1.0 c# source code to fix these issues, and compiled the UComment.dll assembly for .net 3.5, the project can be downloaded from here.

Might save someone somewhere some work Smile

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