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Since the technical refresh to Beta 2 was released thousands have downloaded the new bits. I was a bit disappointed that the link the beta team posted brought me to the public site where Microsoft tried to charge me $4.50 to download the updates. I am also disappointed that the people who have been beta testing this for over a year and a half don't get some advanced lead on downloading the updates, but rather have to wait in quite the crowded queue with the general public. Thanks for the appreciation Microsoft. Luckily some smart people found the links on Microsoft Download and I was at least able to avoid the $4.50 in download recovery fees.

One thing that is misleading is that these downloads are not the full product, but rather a series of large patches to Office 2007 Beta 2. And as such you must already have Beta 2 installed. I have also heard that you should save any Word docs in Office 2003 compatibility mode as B2TR Word cannot open native .docx files from B2. Weird. The interface is a lot smoother and I love the new splash screens. Being an artist and graphic designer at heart, the UI always gets me first. Of course, there is the new icon set as well, although the XP start menu still uses the old icon for email.

You are also prompted to install (or re-install if you installed it for beta 2) the beta 3 version of Windows Desktop Search so you can instant search in Outlook and OneNote.

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Posted on Friday, September 15, 2006 7:08 AM Misc | Back to top

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