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So far it has been a solid week with build 5472 of Vista. All previous builds had not lasted this long – the previous record being held by beta two of two days before frustrations drove me to yank it out and replace it with XP SP2. There are still some minor inconveniences, but all in all it is running fabulously. There is quite an improvement in overall speed of responsiveness in the OS in general as well as in IE7. More programs work well with it, although my iPod cannot get its firmware updated. iTunes works great though. Hopefully Zune will allow me to kick Apple to the curb for good. WMP 11 is still a disappointment thought. I get an error every time I try to play DRM’d music on the laptop purchased from MSN music when I was running XP. My Nortel Contivity VPN client finally works (although only with a manual configuration – not an automatically packaged one) as does my Verizon EVDO card. Next up: see how Virtual PC runs on it while I kick the tires on Exchange Server 2007 beta 2.

I am off on vacation so posting will be light in the coming week …

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