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Neil Whitlow Will Code For Food
Sep 08
What a glorious little library from some sharp guys. We've been able to use the Framework 3.5 for back end processing, but have about 4,000 tablet PCs in the field infrequently connected by the most anachronistic, bandwith-challenged 56k modem, proprietary dial up hell you can imagine. Of course, these machines aren't allowed on the internet at all ......

Probably old news by now (expires April 15, but I found it humorous. On the heels of the classic COM VB petition, RealBasic offers a free version for disgruntled VB6 programmers until April 15. Of course, you'll have to learn the differences between RealBasic and Visual Basic 6.0, so why not just spend that time learning VB.NET or C# instead. Some of ......

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