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Health monitoring is a process for verifying the application’s state while being operated in productionenvironments. It is used for several reasons, such as catching errors, getting notified in case oferrors, analyzing the performance of the application, getting information about the payload for theapplication, and much more. Monitoring usually is implemented through a mechanism calledinstrumentation, which is a technique used for adding events, performance counters, and tracingcapabilities ......
Web pages that are conformant with XHTML standards has several advantages:>> It guarantees that the elements in the pages are well formed.>> Because many browsers are increasingly moving toward supporting XHTML, creating pages that conform to XHTML standards helps ensure that your pages render consistently in all browsers.>> Using XHTML helps to make pages conform more readily to accessibility standards.>> XHTML is extensible, allowing the definition of new elements.>> ......
Microsoft Index Server and IIShttp://www.windowsitlibr... Indexing Service and ASP.NEThttp://support.micro... Creating Search Pages with Index Server and .NEThttp://www.codeproject.... ......
UrlRewriting is one of the interesting and advance topics in ASP.Net, following is the link shows the comprehensive information on URLRewriting.http://msdn.mi... following link is the example with source code availablehttp://urlrewritin... will surely help you in URLRewriting :) ......
SCDL - Simple Configurarion Definition Language utility by Dmitryr. This is a simple tool to generate config sections sources from sampleXML config files containing the section as it would appear inweb.config files. The tool examines the sections in the .scdl file and generates thecorresponding classes. The tool is using CodeDom and thus it cangenerate the sources in CS or VB (or any other CodeDom supportedlanguage). The tool auto-recongnizes strings, integers, boolean andtimespan values in attributes ......
IComaparable Interface is used to type specific comparision of objects.IComparable.CompareTo Method compares the current instance with another object of the same type. this Function returns integer :-int CompareTo (Object obj) Less than zero This instance is less than obj. Zero This instance is equal to obj. Greater than zero This instance is greater than obj. In the following example, Version is compared with a helper class which implements Icomparable Interface.using System;using System.Collections.Generic;... ......


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