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Believe it or not, I actually write more than just technical articles/books. Growing up, I was always writing poetry and short stories. Recently however, I have found a liking to screenplays. First off, let me first say that the screenplays are generally for 3-5 minutes short video vignettes.  Most of these are due to me being the drama ministry leader at my church.  Just this last week, I wrote a 3 minute screenplay, organized the actors (only 3 of us), shot the film, and then edited it.  All in all, I probably spent about 12 hours on it.  So, I thought I'd share the screenplay that we used.

After reading it, you may notice a few strange things.  First off, there is an evil and good conscience on the main character's shoulder.  Yes, we actually did do that.  There is even a scene of the evil conscience jumping off the shoulder, running across the table and then being picked up by the main character and placed back on his shoulder.  Yes, we did that too.  We did a very cheap green screen method using green fabric from a local fabric store.  You can see a very rough draft of the first minute and a half.  There's no music.  The editing is very rough.  Basically, the finished version is soooo much better.  This little video was just a proof of concept: Management I.wmv. Without further ado, here's the script (oh, and we changed some lines during the filming to make them “a little better”):


We see a typical suburban home. Minivan in the driveway,
well kept yard and the sounds of children playing in the
Although barely discernible, we see someone through the window sitting at a table.
Now inside, we notice a man sitting at the
table writing something. A letter perhaps? Who knows. One
thing is certain, he is deep in thought. 
WILLIAM (VO) ...with your constant nagging at me at every little thing I do. Don’t you know how much I work for this family? How hard I try and provide the good thing’s in life? Lifts pencil to mouth as if thinking of the next words to say.Immediately puts the pencil back to the paper and continues writing. WILLIAM (VO) What thanks do I get? Nothing but "get off the couch and mow the lawn! Fix the car! Bathe the children! Put the seat down!". For once, why can’t you ever thank me for everything I do for you? Just once! I’m getting sick and tired of it. Absolutely sick and... At this point, in William’s furious writing, the pencil lead breaks. We see a brief slow motion playback as the lead breaks off and the pencil tears into the paper. The camera goes back to William and we start to see a brief glimpse of anger forming. In a quick flash, William’s evil conscience takes physical form as we see him/her materialize on William’s shoulder. EVIL CONSCIENCE Oh no! Look what happened! Doesn’t it always seem to go like this. The thoughts are hatching. The words are flowing. And then all of a sudden, just as Murphey’s Law predicts, something wrong happens. Doesn’t that just make you soooooo angry? Poof! The good conscience takes physical form on William’s left shoulder. GOOD CONSCIENCE Wait a minute! Don’t listen to him. It’s just a pencil. Sure you may have torn your letter a little, but it’s nothing to get upset about. EVIL CONSCIENCE Oh no you don’t! This is a perfectly legitimate reason to get angry. You’re just jealous. GOOD CONSCIENCE Jealous? Are you kidding me? You think that just because he listens to you more that you do a better job. If it weren’t for me, he’d probably be in jail right now. EVIL CONSCIENCE Take your goody-two shoes face out of here. We don’t need your help. We can manage just fine without you. If you don’t...that does it, you’re out of here. Evil conscience jumps down off of William’s shoulder and starts running towards the good conscience. GOOD CONSCIENCE You can’t make him get angry at everything! EVIL CONSCIENCE It’s a dog-eat-dog world. He has to get angry! Fight or flight? HA! You have to fight! Flight is for the weak! WILLIAM WAIT A MINUTE! WAIT A MINUTE! STOP! They both stop talking. William grabs evil conscience by the back of the shirt and places him back on his shoulder. WILLIAM Can someone please explain to me what’s going on? Who are you? EVIL CONSCIENCE I sir am your conscience of thought and reasoning. GOOD CONSCIENCE He’s lying! I am your good conscience and that your evil conscience. WILLIAM Look. I don’t have time to go crazy right now. I’m in a very difficult crisis right now. EVIL CONSCIENCE Which is all the more reason to get angry! You broke your pencil. Doesn’t that make you angry! GOOD CONSCIENCE NO! Don’t listen to him. Just get up... EVIL CONSCIENCE Angry! GOOD CONSCIENCE ...and sharpen it. It’s just a... EVIL CONSCIENCE Angry! Angry! GOOD CONSCIENCE ...minor setback. Look, you have a whole... EVIL CONSCIENCE Angry! Angry! Angry! Look at me...I’m William...I’m ANGRY! GOOD CONSCIENCE bunch of pencils in your office. EVIL CONSCIENCE Give me an A! Give me an N! G! R! Y! What does that spell? ANGRY! At this point, William has decided. Both conscience’s poof into thin air. The camera zooms onto William’s face. We start to see him slowly get angry. The camera keeps zooming. Once we get to his eyes, they take on a very angry look, William let’s out an angry roar and the camera blacks out. FADE OUT. FADE IN The words "To be continued..." display on the screen FADE OUT. FADE IN Credits roll.
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