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So yesterday I come in to work and I have no access to the network. It allows me to login in with my account but when the domain admin tries to login it says “Incorrect Password”. That was very odd!

Of course no one knows the local admin password, so I'm stuck!

As a none admin around here I don't have permissions to install or even look at my network settings (even though I'ma developer, it was deemed that I did not need that permission, in spite of the fact that I do COM programming, that rant is for another time)

3 hours later, after I reformatting and installing Win XP Pro, same problem.

I convince the boss to call a networking guy to come in and look at it. 

2 hours later he walks up to my desk with a yellow cat5 cable. It's got a sticky note wrapped around it that says “DO NOT USE, BROKE!“ He's grinning!

He tells me that the cord was used to route my port to the router from the switch. (Evidently we go through 3 routers before we get out of the building.) This cord was located in the telephone closet on the other side of the building.

Man do I hate Mondays!



Posted on Tuesday, June 15, 2004 10:29 AM Day to Day | Back to top

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