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I recently starting using these technologies on a new project and tried to use the tutorial from Google as a starting point . Unfortunately nothing was working, I could not download the code from git using git clone as I was getting error host not found (although I could access the address in the browser and download the latest version of code). I could not download the dependencies using npm weither, I was getting an error related to the address not being accessible too. 
The way I made all work is I use Fiddler which has the default address localhost:8888. 
So this allowed me to configure both npm and git and then do the Google angular tutorial .

Git configuration:
...>"C:/Program Files (x86)/git/bin/git" config --global htt p.proxy http://localhost:8888 
...>"C:/Program Files (x86)/git/bin/git" config --global https.proxy http://localhost:8888 
...>"C:/Program Files (x86)/git/bin/git" config --global  http.sslVerify "false"

 and npm config 

...>npm config set proxy http://localhost:8888 
...>npm config set https-proxy http://localhost:8888 
...>npm config set strict-ssl false

Done and going on with the tutorial now ...
Posted on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 12:50 AM npm , nodejs , angularjs , git , proxy | Back to top

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