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 Anyone visiting digg tonight was definitely in for a surprise. There are a few (hundreds? thousands? tens of thousands?) users that are angry with digg and their decision to take down a post earlier today. The post that was taken down contained the HD-DVD decryption key that can be used in Linux to watch HD-DVD movies. The original submitter has his story in more details here.

The users have now flooded digg with fake stories, each one attacking digg's decision to remove the story/key, and also publishing the key hundreds of times in the story and comments.

  • Is this the beginning of the end for digg?
    • I doubt that. If you remember digg really became popular when Pairs Hilton's cell phone address book and pictures were released onto the web. That drew a lot of hits to their site, this will do the same.
  • Do I agree with what the digg admin did?
    • Sad to say, but yes and no.
    • One part of me knows that it is digg's site, the content of the posts are on their servers using their bandwidth, they have a right to restrict it how ever they want. They have to worry about being sued and losing their funding from investors.
    • Then the other part of me wants stick it to DRM and the MPAA and go write some script that will auto digg up and post that contains that HD-DVD key in it. 
  • Will the users really leave?
    • This is the hard one (which is why I left it for last).  My guess is that some will stop posting, digging stories, and being as active on the comments; but they will still read the stories as they come in on their rss feed.
    • Others will not change their digging at all, they were just along for the ride. Mob mentality is always fun.
    • There will be a very small number that never return to digg again. If only because there is still no good competitor or rival where you can get the broad range of news that is 'AMAZING', or 'GREATEST * EVER',


Tomorrow will be an important day, lets hope that digg does not do a
DELETE FROM stories WHERE text LIKE '%09 F9 % 88 C0%' or text LIKE '%09-F9-%-88-C0%'
I hope they leave every single post up there, with the number of diggs they received, as a reminder that their site is dependant on their users. That this can easily happen again, and that if they anger enough users, the site will suffer.


Posted on Tuesday, May 1, 2007 10:37 PM tech , web2.0 | Back to top

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