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ASP.NET 2.0 Interview Questions

1. What is the name of the property of ASP.NET page that you can query to determine that a ASP.NET page is being requested not data being submitted to web server?
A. FirstGet
B. Initialized
C. IncludesData
D. IsPostBack


2. While creating a Web site with the help of Visual Studio 2005 on a remote computer that does not have Front Page Server Extensions installed, which Web site type will you create in Visual Studio 2005?
A. Remote HTTP
B. File
D. Local HTTP

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

3. If you want to create a new Web site with the help of Visual Studio 2005 on a Web server that is hosted by your ISP (Internet Services provider) and the Web server has Front Page Server Extensions installed, what type of Web site type would you create in Visual Studio 2005?
A. Local HTTP
B. File
D. Remote HTTP

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

4. For separating server-side code from client-side code on a ASP.NET page, what programming model should you use?
A. Separation model
B. Code-Behind model
C. In-Line model
D. ClientServer model

5. Amit created a new Web site using Visual Studio 2005 in programming language C#. Later, Amit received an existing Web page from his boss, which consisted of the Contact.aspx file with the Contact.aspx.vb code-behind page. What must Amit do to use these files?
A. Amit can simply add the files Contact.aspx, Contact.aspx.vb into the existing Web site, because ASP.NET 2.0 supports Web sites that have Web pages that were programmed with different languages.
B. The Contact.aspx file will work, but Amit must rewrite the code-behind page using C#.
C. Both files Contact.aspx and Contact.aspx.vb must be rewritten in C#.
D. Amit must create a new Web site that contains these files Contact.aspx and Contact.aspx.vb. Set a Web reference to the new site.

6. If you want to make a configuration setting change in your server that will affect to all Web and Windows applications on the current machine. Where you will make the changes?
A. Global.asax
B. Web.config
C. Machine.config
D. Global.asax

7. If you want to make a configuration setting change that will affect only the current Web application. Which file will you change?
A. Web.config that is in the same folder as the Machine.config file
B. Web.config in the root of the Web application
C. Machine.config
D. Global.asax

8. For making a configuration setting change that will affect only the current Web application. Is there any tool that has a user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI)?
A. The Microsoft Management Utility
B. Microsoft Word
C. Visual Studio, using the Tools > Options path
D. Web Site Administration Tool

ASP.NET 2.0 Interview Questions

9. How will you identify which event in the ASP.NET Web page life cycle takes the longest time to execute?
A. Turn on ASP.NET trace and run the Web application.
B. Add a few code to each of the page life-cycle events that will print the current time.
C. In the Web.config file, add the monitorTimings attribute and set it to True.
D. In the Web site properties, turn on the performance monitor and run the Web application. After that, open performance monitor to see the timings.

11. You are interested in examining the data that is posted to the Web server. What trace result section can you use to see this information?
A. Control Tree
B. Headers Collection
C. Form Collection
D. Server Variables

12. While creating web site you need to add an HTML Web server control to the Web page, you need to drag an HTML element from the ToolBox of Visual Studio 2005 to the Web page and then which of the following tasks you will perform?
A. Right-click the HTML element and click Run=Server.
B. Double-click the HTML element to convert it to an HTML server control.
C. Right-click the HTML element and click Run As Server Control.
D. Click the HTML element and set ServerControl to true in the Properties window.

13. While testing your ASP.NET web application you noticed that while clicking on CheckBox of one of the web page it does not cause a PostBack; you required that the CheckBox should make PostBack so Web page can be update on the server-side code. How can you make the CheckBox to cause a PostBack?
A. Set the AutoPostBack property to true.
B. Add JavaScript code to call the ForcePostBack method.
C. Set the PostBackAll property of the Web page to true.
D. Add server-side code to listen for the click event from the client.

14. While writing code in Visual Studio 2005 you creates a new instance of a ASP.NET TextBox server control, what do you need to do to get the TextBox to display on the Web page?
A. Call the ShowControl method on the TextBox.
B. Set the VisibleControl to true on the TextBox.
C. Add the TextBox instance to the form1.Controls collection.
D. Execute the AddControl method on the Web page.

15. While creating your ASP.NET web based application you want to create multiple RadioButton server controls which should be mutually exclusive, what property of RadioButton server controls you must set?
A. Exclusive
B. MutuallyExclusive
C. Grouped
D. GroupName

16. While creating an ASP.NET web application with the help of Visual Studio 2005 you are creates a Web page that has several related buttons, such as fast-forward, reverse, play, stop, and pause. There should be one event handler that handles the processes of PostBack from these Button server controls. Other than the normal Submit button, what type of button can you create?
A. OneToMany
B. Command
C. Reset
D. ManyToOne

ASP.NET 2.0 Interview Questions

17. In the Design view in Visual Studio 2005 of an ASP.NET web page, what is the easiest way to create an event handler for the default event of a ASP.NET server control?
A. Open the code-behind page and write the code.
B. Right-click the control and select Create Handler.
C. Drag an event handler from the ToolBox to the desired control.
D. Double-click the control.

18. Which of the following represents the best use of the Table, TableRow, and Table-Cell controls?
A. To create and populate a Table in Design view
B. To create a customized control that needs to display data in a tabular fashion
C. To create and populate a Table with images
D. To display a tabular result set

19. For your ASP.NET web application your graphics designer created elaborate images that show the product lines of your company. Some of graphics of the product line are rectangular, circular, and others are having complex shapes. You need to use these images as a menu on your Web site. What is the best way of incorporating these images into your Web site?
A. Use ImageButton and use the x- and y-coordinates that are returned when the user clicks to figure out what product line the user clicked.
B. Use the Table, TableRow, and TableCell controls, break the image into pieces that are displayed in the cells, and use the TableCell control’s Click event to identify the product line that was clicked.
C. Use the MultiView control and break up the image into pieces that can be displayed in each View control for each product line. Use the Click event of the View to identify the product line that was clicked.
D. Use an ImageMap control and define hot spot areas for each of the product lines. Use the PostBackValue to identify the product line that was clicked.

20. You are writing ASP.NET 2.0 Web site that collects lots of data from users, and the data collection forms spreads over multiple ASP.NET Web pages. When the user reaches the last page, you need to gather all of data, validate the data, and save the data to the SQL Server database. You have noticed that it can be rather difficult to gather the data that is spread over multiple pages and you want to simplify this application. What is the easiest control to implement that can be used to collect the data on a single Web page?
A. The View control
B. The TextBox control
C. The Wizard control
D. The DataCollection control

21. In your ASP.NET 2.0 web application you want to display an image that is selected from a collection of images. What approach will you use to implementing this?
A. Use the ImageMap control and randomly select a HotSpot to show or hide.
B. Use the Image control to hold the image and a Calendar control to randomly select a date for each image to be displayed.
C. Use the AdServer control and create an XML file with configuration of the control.
D. Use an ImageButton control to predict randomness of the image to be loaded based on the clicks of the control.

22. In your ASP.NET web application you want to display a list of clients on a Web page. The client list displays 10 clients at a time, and you require the ability to edit the clients. Which Web control is the best choice for this scenario?
A. The DetailsView control
B. The Table control
C. The GridView control
D. The FormView control

23. While developing ASP.NET 2.0 web application you want to display a list of parts in a master/detail scenario where the user can select a part number using a list that takes a minimum amount of space on the Web page. When the part is selected, a DetailsView control displays all the information about the part and allows the user to edit the part. Which Web control is the best choice to display the part number list for this scenario?
A. The DropDownList control
B. The RadioButtonList control
C. The FormView control
D. The TextBox control

ASP.NET 2.0 Interview Questions

24. While developing ASP.NET 2.0 web application you have a DataSet containing a Customer DataTable and an Order DataTable. You want to easily navigate from an Order DataRow to the Customer who placed the order. What object will allow you to easily navigate from the Order to the Customer?

A. The DataColumn object
B. The DataTable object
C. The DataRow object
D. The DataRelation object

25. Which of the following is a requirement when merging modified data into a DataSet?
A. A primary key must be defined on the DataTable objects.
B. The DataSet schemas must match in order to merge.
C. The destination DataSet must be empty prior to merging.
D. A DataSet must be merged into the same DataSet that created it.

26. You are working with a DataSet and want to be able to display data, sorted different ways. How do you do so?
A. Use the Sort method on the DataTable object.
B. Use the DataSet object’s Sort method.
C. Use a DataView object for each sort.
D. Create a DataTable for each sort, using the DataTable object’s Copy method, and then Sort the result.

27. Which of the following ways can you proactively clean up a database connection’s resources?
A. Execute the DbConnection object’s Cleanup method.
B. Execute the DbConnection object’s Close method.
C. Assign Nothing (C# null) to the variable that references the DbConnection object.
D. Create a using block for the DbConnection object.

29. What event can you subscribe to if you want to display information from SQL Print statements?
A. InfoMessage
B. MessageReceived
C. PostedMessage
D. NewInfo

30. To perform asynchronous data access, what must be added to the connection string?
A. BeginExecute=true
B. MultiThreaded=true
C. MultipleActiveResultSets=true
D. Asynchronous=true

31. Which class can be used to create an XML document from scratch?
A. XmlConvert
B. XmlDocument
C. XmlNew
D. XmlSettings

32. Which class can be used to perform data type conversion between .NET data types and XML types?
A. XmlType
B. XmlCast
C. XmlConvert
D. XmlSettings


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