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This is a brief example of creating custom object in JavaScript.

Creating Class

For creating class in javascript first we have to create the function whose name should be same as class. This function is called as constructer.

For example I want to create the class Named MyClass so function name should be MyClass



function MyClass()


            //This function is same as a constructer

            alert("New Object Created");


We can also add the argumnets in this function.


Adding new method and property in “MyClass”


 NewObject.prototype =


               //Addign Method named “MyMethod

               MyMethod: function(){alert("My Method");} ,

               //Adding property named “MyProperty

               MyProperty: "My Property"



Now I am making object of MyClass


//Creating Object

var MyObject = new MyClass ();


Calling method and assigning value to property


//Calling Method



//Assigning Property

MyObject.MyProperty = "My Property Value changed";



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