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For those who hadn’t heard yet, I’ve been on crutches the past 3 weeks or so after a knee injury (torn ACL). Walking on the crutches was OK but after a few days started to get pretty painful in my hands and under my arms. The problem was the padding on a standard crutch was not very thick and with my weight pushing on those pads, I could easily feel the hard metal underneath.

Naturally I turned to the web to find a solution. Surely someone else must have experienced this and had a recommendation for me. One of the first results I came to was for the web site: . This company offers a set of custom cushions and hand grips made with a special foam (they call it Remedy Foam™) that was much thicker and softer than the standard cushions and hand grips on crutches.

After reading some information on their web site, I called them up, talked with them some more and decided to give their product a try.

I was pretty excited when the package arrived. By this point in my injury I was down to using a single crutch most of the time, but I also knew surgery was coming up and I would be back to two crutches again for a while. I opened up the package, looked at the installation information and installed the Crutch Remedy cushions and hand grips, making proper adjustments to the height of the crutch and hand bars.

Walking with Crutch Remedy versus standard crutch cushions is as different as night is to day. I couldn’t believe how much more comfortable it was to walk on them using the custom Crutch Remedy cushions and hand grips versus my old standard ones. My hands no longer hurt and the custom contour of the top cushion fit better under my arm. For anyone who has to walk on crutches, I would definitely recommend getting a set of Crutch Remedy Cushions and Hand Grips.

They also sell cover sets for their cushions and hand grips. Depending on how long I’m in crutches I may get those next as I noticed even with my standard ones, after a while the rubber felt grimy from use all the time and didn’t lend itself well to being washed. I haven’t had my Crutch Remedy items long enough yet (just a week) to get really grimy but it would be worth getting those to protect them too.

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