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Liam McLennan

Maybe you are like me and regularly work on multiple projects. If not, please send me a cheque for the $0.00001 worth of bandwidth you have wasted.

Sometimes a week or two can pass between looking at a project and I find when I go back to it I lose a couple of hours just trying to work out where I was up to. To solve this problem I have started a development journal for my more neglected projects. At the end of every coding session I record a few key pieces of information to help orientate me the next time I come back to it. Here is an example entry:



Testing the graph navigator code that produces cycles. Discovered and addressed a few edge cases such as non-cyclic journeys where the shortest spanning tree visits every node.


Complete the scenarios in BuildingCyclesTests using the style of the first two already completed scenarios.


63 passed, 0 failed, 1 skipped, took 13.21 seconds

It is just a plain text file that I have added to my visual studio solution items so that I can edit it in visual studio.

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