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The following table summarizes the Transact-SQL support provided by SQL Azure Database at PDC 2009:

Transact-SQL Features Supported

Transact-SQL Features Unsupported

  • Constants
  • Constraints
  • Cursors
  • Index management and rebuilding indexes
  • Local temporary tables
  • Reserved keywords
  • Stored procedures
  • Statistics management
  • Transactions
  • Triggers
  • Tables, joins, and table variables
  • Transact-SQL language elements such as
    • Create/drop databases
    • Create/alter/drop tables
    • Create/alter/drop users and logins
  • User-defined functions
  • Views, including sys.synonyms view
  • Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  • Database file placement
  • Database mirroring
  • Distributed queries
  • Distributed transactions
  • Filegroup management
  • Global temporary tables
  • Spatial data and indexes
  • SQL Server configuration options
  • SQL Server Service Broker
  • System tables
  • Trace Flags



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