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I'm copypasting this from:

1. Copy the MP10Setup.exe to the root of your C:\ drive.
2. Go to Start -> Run -> and type in C:\MP10Setup.exe /C /T:C:\TEMP and press enter.
3.Go to C:\TEMP and open file control.xml in notepad.
4. Search for words "oobinf" and change those to "advinf". Then search for words "5.1.2600" and change those to "5.2.3790". Lastly, save control.xml file.
5. Reboot into Safe Mode With Comand Prompt (Press F8 upon booting).
6. Once the Command Prompt has loaded, type C: followed by enter, then type CD TEMP followed by enter.
7. Type setup_wm.exe followed by enter to install Media Player
8. When setup is complete you will get error saying that install failed but it only says that because it couldn't start service called Windows User Mode Framework in services.msc, everything is installed fine and that service loads on reboot. Now Lastly reboot.

That's it enjoy and remember to ZIP C:\TEMP directory so you don't have to do steps 1-4 again.

Windows Media Player 10 Series (for Windows XP) (11.6mb)

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