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You know, right now I am so incredibly upset, I need to let some steam off. What am I so pissed about? This stupid car registration place here in Battle Ground. First of all, I couldn't go into work today because the temporary registration on our car expired this weekend (that is our fault, I know). However, when we went into the title place, their computers were “down” so they couldn't help us. Now, being a computer guy, I can somewhat sympathize with this. However, as we are leaving, the lady asked us to come back in, and this is what started to cause my blood to boil.

First of all, the place was a mess, papers everywhere, not very well organized. She asked us our names so she could at least get the paperwork started. When she looked for the paperwork that the dealership sent her, she couldn't find it anywhere. When we told her when we got the call from her, she said “Oh, they probably sent the paperwork back to the dealership then”. WTF?!?! Never *ONCE* were we informed that they only kept the paperwork on file for 10 days before sending it back to the dealership (and we were never informed by the dealership that they would request the paperwork back in 10 days). So, now we are stranded here in Battle Ground and have to call the dealership to see if they can send the paperwork back. This system just pisses me off. With how far technology is, we shouldn't have to deal with this shit. It's not very hard to file the paperwork in such a way that it is matched up wiht the temporary registration. Once you do this, you don't send the paperwork back until the permit is expired. Easy enough.

I understand that since I don't work in the industry there are probably nuances that I am not accounting for. But still, from an “end user” perspective, this is bullshit. Geez, the more I have to deal with “real companies” in the “real world”, the more I realize Microsoft has its shit *WAY MORE* together than most campanies out there. I wish from time to time, that people could just pull their head out of their ass and smell the roses. The world is much better outside.

And here's another thing that pisses me off. In this day and age, with the invention of the “telephone”, you think you would actually use it. But no!!! Even though the office is open, they don't answer their phone. They “let” you leave a message and get back to you whenever “they” please. Geez, I don't know where the rest of their digits are, but their thumbs are so far up their ass, they are probably twiddling their thumbs, playing with their tonsels.

Posted on Monday, May 24, 2004 11:38 AM | Back to top

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