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After you apply Team Foundation Server Service Pack 1 to an instance of the TFS Proxy Server, external access to the Proxy web site is denied. This is done with an IP restriction on the Team Foundation Server Proxy web site itself. I believe this is related to the pre-SP patch you have to install for quiesing the system, but not sure.

Following the application of SP1 to the Proxy, I had to manually remove the IP restriction. Once the restriction was removed everything worked fine again. The symptom was getting an HTTP 403 Access Denied response from the Proxy web site when trying to perform a Get with TFS (either TF command-line or via Visual Studio).

In case you are wondering, here's how you remove the restriction:

  1. Open the IIS manager in Windows
  2. Right-click on the Team Foundation Server Proxy web site and select Properties
  3. Select the Directory Security tab
  4. Click on the Edit button in the "IP address and domain name restrictions" section
  5. Ensure that the "Granted access" option is selected (as opposed to the "Denied access" option)
  6. Click OK a few times and you're done


Posted on Thursday, December 21, 2006 9:32 AM | Back to top

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