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One of the problems Kzu points out is the massive code blocks bloggers add to their feeds which here are added to a mainfeed that you mainly see. This can get very annoying and is mostly unnecessarily because the blogger ripped it out of a sample or a book that all of us own anyway. That is a whole other topic though. If you want to add a code block to you blog entry, I suggest this post to hide the code for most browsers/aggregators and the reader can toggle its visibility. Check it out and jump on the bandwagon.

It's rewarding to see other bloggers using the same approach I've been using for quite a while for collapsing code regions that maybe be of interest of those who want a closer look at what you've done, but not to all readers, specially on the aggregated site.
If we could just get everyone else using the same, the main page would be much more pleasant. If you want to join this crusade, start using the following for your collapsible HTML regions:

+ Expandable Code Example Here
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# re: I couldn't agree with Kzu more
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One problem with this is that the majority of blog readers use aggregators. Many (for example, outlook with newsgator) will not show the code ever in that case.. so the user using an rss reader has to open up IE/Mozilla/FireFox/whatever, then navigate to your blog, find that entry, click the code to see it. (at this point, hope that they aren't dissapointed).

Another is javascript: one client site I was at used GPO to turn javascript off for all non-intranet sites. This would cause a problem for them..

So, while I applaud those that try to keep the blogs readable, I'd make sure you understand the frustrations you may cause. I'm surely not going to be switching from newsgator to a browser to look at any code unless the write up is pretty spectacular.
Left by Philip Rieck on Aug 02, 2004 8:40 AM

# re: I couldn't agree with Kzu more
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Very true. Maybe this is where the RSS "description" tag should really be used as a description (w/o code) and we use link to get to the real meat and guts of the entry.
Left by Jeff Julian on Aug 02, 2004 8:47 AM

# re: I couldn't agree with Kzu more
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There's always one.

I think it's a fantastic idea Jeff! If Phillip can't be bothered to click on the link that's *right*there*in*the*post* to see the details then that's his problem.

As for the site that turned off javascript for all non-intranet sites, they have a lot more to worry about than not being able to see your code. Much of the functionality of most of the major sites on the Internet goes bye-bye when you turn off javascript.

Later gator,
Left by David Totzke on Aug 02, 2004 10:25 PM

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