Validating the SharePoint InputFormTextBox / RichText Editor using JavaScript

In the previous post I mentioned about manipulating SharePoint PeoplePicker control using JavaScript, in this post I will show how to validate the InputFormTextBox contol using custom JavaScript function. Here is the nice post by Becky Isserman on why not to use RequiredFieldValdator or InputFormRequiredFieldValid... with InputFormTextbox. function ValidateComments() { //retrieve the text from rich text editor. var text = RTE_GetRichEditTextOnly("&l... rteComments.ClientID %>"); if (text != ......

Using SharePoint PeoplePicker control in custom ASP.NET pages

I was developing custom ASP.NET page for a SharePoint project, and the page uses SharePoint PeoplePicker control. I needed to manipulate the control on the client side based on the user inputs. PeoplePicker Picker is a complex control and the difficult bit is that it contains many controls on the page (use the page source viewer to see the HTML tags generated). So getting into the right bit is tricky and also the default JavaScript functions like, control.disabled; control.focus(); will not work ......