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ASP.Net Web Application Administration Website showing error.aspx on startup

To add a new role into my aspnet database, I tried to use the asp.net Web Application Administration Website. But it was showing the following error message:An error was encountered. Please return to the previous page and try again. Strange, because I was sure, that my connectionstring was correct.After a while, after reading about the asp.net Web Application Administration Website, I found that it can't handle spaces or special character in the project path.My project was located in C:\Users\JEROEN\Documents\V... ......

Trouble with WCF and X 509 certificates

I played a bit with WCF and security, but I had some trouble to create certificates between the server and the client.

This article helped me out:
9 simple steps to enable X.509 certificates on WCF

How to prevent the user to post page twice, by using refresh

When a user post's data to the server, the page will be reloaded. When the user hits the F5/refresh button, a message appears, which tells us, that we´ve allready sended the data to the server. And asks us if we want to sent it again. If the user clicks "yes", we have to catch that, we don´t want this in our application - check that the user can only post something every 2 minutes. - save the posted data in viewstate and check if something changed - ... Or we can check if the user hit the refresh ......

How to Encrypt connection string in web.config

A couple of years ago, I used 'something' to encrypt the connectionstring on a production server. But I never wrote anything down about it. And in the other projects I did later, I never had deploy to the production server. Yesterday, I had to use it again but I couldn't find it. Why? Because I never wrote about it. This blogpost is copy of Chirag Darji post about the encryption of the connectionstring in web.config. All credits to him! The most sensitive information stored in web.config file can ......

Hashing passwords using MD5/SHA1

If you want, to hash your passwords, for storing in the database. This post could be useful. You can hash your password using the FormsAuthentication.HashPas... method. This must be the longest method name in the .NET Framework. Ex. How to use this method FormsAuthentication.HashPas... passwordFormat) Dim hashMethod As String = "MD5" 'SHA1Dim hashedPassword As String = _ FormsAuthentication.HashPas... ......