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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pinning any folder location to the task bar Explorer jump list

This might not be news to you but for me this was a discovery i made only this week, yes how did i not know this before!

So I discovered how to pin any folder to the Windows Explorer jump list on the Windows 7 task bar. Any entries in the 'Frequent' menu can be pinned using its context menu, but a folder that does not appear in the 'Frequent' menu can still be pinned just by dragging its path from the address bar in the Explorer window onto the task bar icon. The pinned folders can then be accessed by using the context menu of the task bar button.

Actually for a few years now i've been in the habit of pinning frequently accessed folder locations into the Favorites list in the navigation pane, when using XP and also Windows 7. Perhaps my habits formed with Windows XP using folders pinned to the Favorites list in the navigation pane combined with task bar Toolbar folders is the reason why so much time spent using Windows 7 has gone by without without me using this handy feature, but now instead of adding a Toolbar folder i can just pin my RDP folder (and other folders like the SysinternalsSuite) to the Explorer jump list instead.

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