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I do not blame Microsoft for their pricing strategy on Team System. After all, you can't pay for a Pinto and get a new Cadillac. Why would you expect otherwise? Well, that is the problem. This was what we were expecting. We were not told that it was a five year development effort costing millions of dollars but we should have known. We were not told (well, Eric Sink DID warn us along with a few others) that VSTS was not a copetitor to Microsoft Project, Vault, and FogBugz but a competitor to Rational ClearCase or BitKeeper but we should have known. I think the real problem is that we did not really read the right information. What we read was that Team System had Unit Testing and bug tracking and many of the wonderful features that many of us want to use. What we read was inadequate. It is really as simple as that. The technical information may have been correct but the schematics were wrong and in many different aspects missing all together.

So, before we send Microsoft to the guillotine let us all keep in mind that they are a business that has many shareholders that demand profits that will never get returned by going to the ends of the earth for a bunch of adolescent geeks like ourselves. We ARE the real power of Microsoft but nothing is free and I don't really think Microsoft owes me much of anything. Also, keep in mind, that if Microsoft really was the evil empire, almost every MSDN Universal subscriber in the world would be shelling out some serious bucks for violating the terms of the MSDN Universal subscription but I digress. You are all ready getting more than you are paying for so hold your tongues and open your wallets if you REALLY want Team System. Posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2005 10:30 AM .NET , Musings & Ramblings | Back to top

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The point is that when they price TS (way) out of my range, they made sure that I wouldn't know it, couldn't recommend it, etc.

It would've take no skin off their back to have a 1 - 5 developers version in MSDN Universal, and that would've give them the good will of everybody.
Left by Ayende Rahien on Mar 30, 2005 3:25 PM

# re: VSTS Pricing : It's a matter of perception
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No, it wouldn't. Microsoft never enjoys the goodwill of everyone. I agree with many others on this topic. Eventually, there will be a version that we will get with the Universal edition. It is all a risk vs reward argument. The financial feasibility of making every one happy is a steep endeavor indeed.

What do you mean 'can't recommend it'? How many clients do you have with 300+ developers?

Left by Jason Bentley on Mar 30, 2005 3:43 PM

# Uhh I have a half dozen or clients
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I have a 6 or so clients with 300+ developers, I run a well regarded tech strategy and architecture firm. And I doubt I'll be recommended VSTS anytime soon.

By the way, these clients are major financial services firms that have started to embrace NUnit, NDoc, et. al. So I think MSFT might be in for a big suprise.
Left by JohhniWahd on Apr 25, 2005 8:43 PM

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