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I am getting a little annoyed...or maybe more than a little.

I was on vacation last week.   The week before going on vacation I was in a meeting and I clearly stated that I would be on vacation the following week..etc.  So while on vacation I was checking my email and what do I get?  An email asking for a meeting!  From the very person who I told I would be on vacation!

Today I am cleaning up my inbox and I just re-read an email asking for images of products.  Now..I have told the person asking me for these images (the same person who was in the meeting) that the images will not be available until we announce the launch of the new product.  I have told this person that more than once already!

I just hate it when people don't pay attention.


Posted on Wednesday, July 21, 2004 11:18 AM | Back to top

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