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  any request for customer service results in a fail page

Considering the considerate press fiverr is receiving you'd have to be living under a rock to have not heard of fiverr.com in the last 6 months, but after using the service a few times I can see none of these websites actually bothered to use the site before publishing glowing reviews.

Fiverr.com - Scammer's Paradise

Let's start with a brief intro to fiverr.  It's a website where people offer jobs they're willing to do for $5, similar to ebay if it was all $5 buy-it-now jobs.  Jobs like "I will send you a postcard from California" or "I will translate an article from english to french".  Small jobs that take a few minutes.

So what's wrong with this?  The idea is sound but implementation is completely wrong.  For example a seller can completely ignore a payment for weeks and the buyer can't leave negative feedback for that.  Or the seller can accept the job, sit on it for weeks and then give it back to the buyer and again they can't leave feedback.  What?  Yes, you heard me:  sellers can ignore you for weeks and you can't complain. 

Even if the seller does accept the job there is no way to encourage them to actually do the work and no way to dispute it.  After a seller says a job is done the buyer is given a box to click positive or negative feedback.  Where's the dispute button?  Your money is gone whether you're satisfied or not.

"But this seller has 99% feedback, must be good, right?"  Wrong:  sellers create a fake buyer account and buy from themselves and leave positive feedback.  Unlike eBay who check personal information and ban people using the same address or credit card, fiverr only requires an email to buy or sell so it only takes a second to create a fake account.  Since the feedback is just a percentage you can't see who gave positive feedback for what, so a seller only needs to create one account and buy a few times from themselves to give themselves a stellar feedback score. 

Can you imagine if eBay had a system like that?  Would anyone use eBay a second time after paying money for an item, getting no response from the seller for weeks, not getting their money back and not even being able to leave feedback?

So how can you avoid this?  Right now all you can do is avoid fiverr, there's no way around it, their system is broken and until it's fixed to work more like eBay's feedback system there's only one thing I can say about fiverr:  they suck. 

posted on Saturday, July 3, 2010 1:38 PM


# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 7/18/2010 3:02 PM Chitra
I have been with Fiverr for 2 months and I am completely satisfied with their site. As a seller, I worried about getting any payment in the beginning but now I can proudly say, Fiverr is the best site ever. Till date, I have earned more than $400 and I didn't face any problem with withdrawals. Even the Fiverr support system is commendable.

They have also removed the $40 condition before withdrawing any money.

The writer mentions above that sellers sit on the work and then don't deliver. Being a seller (writing services), this statement is completely untrue. Unless the seller is bogged down with loads of offers, there can't be any delay. Also, it depends upon the correspondence between buyer and seller.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 8/2/2010 10:53 PM Stu Fraser
As a buyer of 3 WordPress installs its gone great, Excellent service from . However I haven't had much luck getting a Joomla expert to accept my orders. Surely an installs n easy $5

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 8/8/2010 9:30 AM AnnR
It was mentioned above that eBay doesn't allow multiple accounts and bans those who use the same address or credit card. This isn't true. EBay allows multiple accounts, and most sellers have multiple accounts along with a separate buying account.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 8/8/2010 2:19 PM Carlos Scarpero
It happened to me as well. I bought a bad gig from Fiverr. I emailed customer support and protested on pay pal. Instead of refunding, they closed MY account and kept the $8 they still owe me from the 2 gigs I sold. WTF???

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 8/9/2010 2:41 PM tony
Bad Customer Experience
my review about fiverr is not positive at all i am a 100% feedback score seller there with over 25 gigs sold and i ordered a gig from a member there and fiverr send me a email warning me about this person so they were right he didn do the gig i paid for i complainet to fiverr.com about this and they blocked my account so i couldn complain anymore about it and they get to keep they commision of 20% thats unacectable also they stohle my money of 13us i highly suggest stay away form this site ,customer service is the terrible they need 3 days to answer a email i will file complaints against this website to all authorities who are in charge of internet fraud
stay away from fiverr its run by a bunch of kids who steal your money in the long run also the site is not very user friendly

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 8/13/2010 4:11 AM Linda
I've had mixed success with Fiverr. Some do exactly what they say they will do and other ignore you and then it's almost impossible to get the gig cancelled. Even if you do get a refund - it doesn't go back in your paypal account - it's kept by Fiverr should you want to order another gig.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 8/14/2010 1:56 PM Celebrity X-Ray
They banned my messaging capability after I was apparently reported for spamming. WTF? You can't even send more than 10 msgs a day, how exactly is communicating with other members of the site spamming? There isn't even an email involved!

Oh well, it's only costing them money . . .

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 8/28/2010 5:37 AM Singh
I have to agree, there is no dispute button. I am trying to contact the seller about a work and they dont reply at all.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 8/28/2010 3:44 PM SK
It is a total BS. I ordered about 10 gigs related to SEO in a short time, just a 3 of the sellers tried to do work, rest of them just try to scam you. And what is frustrating that you can't get money back even to you account after you rejected work. So seller sends me BS and mark order as delivered just hoping I will not verify it or somehow it will pass. So you check it and thinking WTF and reject it. So what is happening next. Seller ignores you trying to scam someone else. And Fiverr keeping the money as status of your order forever rejected. You can't cancel it, seller supposed to redeliver it but he does not give a shit about you any longer. WTF there is no way to even find contact information to complain. Stay away at least freelancer and other similar sites will be more reliable as account rating is important for service providers there. But in fiverr they just create hundred of them and scam freely until there is negative feedback so they move to another account. Stay away.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 9/2/2010 1:08 PM Resell Virtual Goods
My experience has been mixed. I've purchased some gigs that were worth the money and others that were a complete waste of effort. I think their support is run by 12 year olds because they don't seem to understand how a real business is run. Trying to explain anything to them is impossible.

Oh, well, they'll run themselves into the ground and be yet another passing internet fad by the end of the year.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 9/3/2010 1:07 PM Pasqual
I like fiverr so much I got it tattoed on my back like a tramp stamp. Thats all I charge on my corner anyways so its cool.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 9/4/2010 10:07 AM FiverrISaSCAM
Ya,I was reported by 1 guy wrongly for him assuming I was spamming the system.I dont even know what spam means.I had $30 paypal payment for sold gigs being cleared in just a matter of days so now I am pissed cause I didn't get none of the money I worked so hard for.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 9/5/2010 8:59 AM anonymous
I did this thing with my friends called "The Five a Day $90 Day Challenge" - - - Everyday for three months we were supposed to find something on fiverr and buy it, the goal was to see how much of our daily work we could outsource...

Now, here's what I learned, you CAN get outstanding connections and work done at Fiverr. There are some super talented College Students, Graphic Artists, out of work pro's who appreciate that $5 bucks is real money... They will work hard, put in the effort, and give you 30-60 minutes of their life to get the job done well...

These people are roughly 1 out of 10.

Then there are the "Five bucks is nothing" lazy lazy lazy lazy people. They will do the work they described at the absolute lowest level possible cutting every corner, providing no conversation, and sticking to the exact precise wording of their offer... They are willing to spend about 2 minutes of effort for five bucks. These people are approximately 5 out of 10 sellers.

Then there are the morons. Good intentioned but utterly incompetent... They will work hard, even give you 2 hours work for $5 bucks, do tons of extra stuff you didn't ask for, and be very eager to dialog and communicate... Nice, kind hearted, good people whose only failing is total and utter incompetence. They are roughly 1 out of 10.

Lastly, there are the con and scam artists who make multiple fake accounts, cheat, lie, steal, and cause problems... They are are hackers, hustlers, and general bad eggs in every way. They are roughly 3 out of 10 sellers.

So, after much real world research here's the stats:
1 out of 10 sellers is solid, reliable, and worth $5
1 out of 10 sellers is reliable, but utterly incompetent
5 out of 10 sellers are lazy, but earn passable 'D' grades
3 out of 10 sellers are con and scam artists

I learned a lot about outsourcing from my fiverr experience, got a Google -950 penalty, earned my first DMCA violation, had $40 stolen from me, and made at least three good connections.

Overall, I'd say my $450 taught me a valuable lesson: use freelancer.com instead of fiverr.

While you can get great deals at fiverr, there is simply no way to address the problem when you get cheated. With 3/10 people being total frauds, the site will surely loose popularity and be replaced by whoever provides a strong method of consumer protection. I for one, am totally disappointed with the Fiverr customer protection, they provide a place for hustlers to sit next to genuinely good service providers and compete with the hardworkers head to head...

If they protected the buyers and sellers, the whole concept would be amazing.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 9/9/2010 6:54 AM Aymeric
They keep blocking my accounts and never get back to me...

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 9/13/2010 12:14 AM Fiverr Money Maker
My brother started a Graphic Design Company on Fiverr,Simple just offer good not great service(NEVER SELL YOURSELF SHORT NO MATTER WHAT THE CHEAPSKATES SAY!!!!!!). I am sorry but you should not spend more than 15 minutes on a gig,IT IS ONLY $5! a lot of the people are AMERICAN!! they will NOT work for $5 an hour that is insane,also if you expect someone to spend 2 hours to give you a service that most places charge ten times the amount you should leave the business world because it takes money to make money.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 9/22/2010 3:00 PM Taylor
Ok, been on Fiverr and yes it has some major flaws and drawbacks... namely its TWO week waiting period to get paid. However, I was recently accused of "communicating outside of Fiverr... against TOS" yet I never communicated with anyone outside for any reason. It was as if someone blatantly accused me of something and Fiverr just didn't bother asking me or looking for proof. I'm sure they read our emails, and you cannot delete them only archive. Nowhere did I give out info or tell someone to talk to me about Fiverr business outside the site. I think I'll be using my own site to sell my gigs.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 9/29/2010 1:06 PM alan
For my first gig as a buyer, I paid to have some traffic sent from a sellers facebook page to a link on another 'gig' site.Got an email from Fiverr.com to say -I have a message from the seller and the job is done.Then my account shows as 'blocked'! awaiting reply from fiverr... watch this space.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 10/3/2010 5:35 AM Di
Fiverr is a total ripped off!! Just today they decided to block my account for violating TOS - spamming they say. I wasn't spamming anybody as I was only answering inquiries!! I have excellent reviews with both my 2 gigs ( 100% positive) and I still have about $80+ unclaimed revenues!! God, I hate FIVERR!!!

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 10/8/2010 6:03 PM Joe
Well my gigs have been doing very well on fiverr but today my email has been limited because I was accused of spamming. Looks like I must have triggered some automatic built in fiverr program just because my gigs are very popular and I have many customers inquiring about gigs. I sent an email to support this morning and i am still waiting for it to be cleared up 10 hours later and in the meantime, I have had 5 new orders, 3 customers ask a question about the gigs and I now I am the one looking bad because I can't reply to my customers. On top of that, one guy is a major marketer and i may lose over 1500 bucks should he get pissed off from no response. How could any good business conduct customer support in such a way. They should at least fix it so the customer can't order gigs or send mail during this period of suspending your communication with customers. I liked fiverr and it has been good for me but now I am realizing it must be run by some brain dead people who no nothing about running an online business.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 10/10/2010 9:08 AM Anthony
I had a featured gig on here and today I was meant to be paid and all of a sudden my account is blocked! Today I was going to start recieving payments on my featured gig over 200 dollars worth. I have contacted customer support and will be seeing what is done here, but I am a web designer and if this doesnt work out right this site is going to be all over the net I promise that. I have screenshots saved because I feel its smart to always back things up. I didnt do anything at all to be blocked. I got over 35 positive reviews on this gig 100%!

#  Why fiverr sucks, do NOT use the words 'paypal' and 'donation' in ANY correspondence with potential clients 10/15/2010 1:53 PM Jon Smith
I did an amazing job for a client on fiverr, she was SOO pleased she asked me how much she owe's me. I said in a message that she didn't owe me anything as she had already paid her Fiverr etc. BUT........in that same message I said to the client that IF she wanted to give a little extra...she could donate whatever she wanted to my paypal account. MISTAKE.......I used the words Paypal and Donation is the same sentence. Before I even hit the enter button a red flag popped up telling me my account was suspended..........wankers.

So, in a nut shell......do not mention the words 'paypal' or 'donation' in a message on the fiverr website. I recommend that after the FIRST communication with a prospective client.....you exchange email address's and take it from there. I was totally pissed off as I had 65USD in my account....which is now suspended. I have sent three emails with no response.

Fiverr?......great idea but hey...com on, you're already taking 20% (one dollar) every transaction and again they take money when you move you meager earnings to paypal. My account was suspended because a client wanted to give a little extra....pfff.....Fiverr?

RIP OFF and rude to go with it!


# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 10/19/2010 2:11 AM alvin
hi guys, i was wondering if u guys have the same problem as me..
i tried to withdraw my earnings but i didnt receive any verification email sent to me.. i tried so many times but still nothing.. initially, i thought it could be hotmail problem but i still received incoming emails but not that Fiverr verification email! i am pissed.. anyone has the same problem? pls share..


# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 10/19/2010 6:14 AM 10-minute meals
I believe Fiverr is down at the moment because I can't join either. But after reading all of these comments, I feel I might reconsider joining.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 11/8/2010 9:25 AM Kent
I had a very very bad experience with fiverr, I think they just want to make money out of peopleon fiverr. I mean people who sells on fiverr may also sell on other outsourcing sites right? What's wrong with that? I'm one of them that writes about these sites on my blog, and I promote my fiverr gigs on the blog. I wanted more people to come to my blog so I get some writers to write some articles so that I can get more exposure and more views to my gigs. Then one fine day... They disabled my account! Whats wrong with having content about other outsourcing sites on your blog?

They told me this...

Cooperating with Fiverr rip-offs or clones is something that you will have to do outside of Fiverr, sorry!
We are unable to reinstate your account at this time.
Users who violate our Terms of Service and get their account permanently blocked can receive their revenues (if any) after a safety clearing period.
Please contact us again in 45 days (December 23rd., 2010). We will allow you to withdraw revenues you may have left in your account at that time.

At this point I have made sales and bought some gigs too, is that anything wrong to even write a blog?

This really piss me off, and it's definitely a no for fiverr! Not to mention you get bad customers there too, too many notorious people on the web these days...

I'm pissed and perhaps this is a calling for me to move on without fiverr!

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 11/8/2010 9:45 AM Kent
Another thing to add is that they cliam themeselves to have a 24/7 support, they are not! Took them like 2 days to make a lousy reply! Be very careful if you want to do anything on fiverr! Be warned!

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 11/8/2010 10:57 AM Fiverr Sucks
Please share your story @ fiverrsucks.com

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 11/12/2010 11:40 PM Pissed-Da-Hell-Off
I felt the burn of fiver. In 24 hours I paid for 16 gigs, unfortunately, the onlt gigs that ever got completed were the silly ones i just thought was cool - but none of the ones i actually needed.

Their support clearly has a massive IGNORE button, because after days and days, I never got any reply, never was given any way to get my money back. The onlt thing i got was robbed.

Lesson learned... They burned me out of a few bucks, but they lost out on hundreds, or even thousands that i would have spent there over the months.

So, fuck'em in their suck hole!

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 11/25/2010 8:11 AM J.A.
Hi there,

I've actually had really good experiences with Fiverr.. In fact, the situation you described has happened to me several times on eBay! Funny that, right?

The most annoying thing about Fiverr is the 2 week holding period they place for claims. AND the fact that they totally read all the messages sent through their system. I've managed to find a way to exchange emails with clients, then discussing work/pay via email so Fiverr is none the wiser. So, it's great in that regard. I've gotten some well-paying long-term projects from people that way.

And about the "sitting on gigs for week," I've never heard of that being done. There's a time limit for each order (most of mine are 24-48 hours) and if work for whatever reason doesn't get completed in that time frame, the SELLER can cancel the order, leaving negative feedback and getting their money refunded.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 12/13/2010 5:14 AM steve greggs
It started off well but like all these things, the cunts move in and fuck it up for everyone else. I had great success to start but in the recent months NOBODY can deliver as descibed if at all. The management of this site are weak and its completly in favour of the seller. Bollocks

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 12/14/2010 2:40 AM Fiverr Clone
There is so much Fiverr Bashing going on, but what do you think Fiverr makes from the $1 fee collected?
Paypal takes a 45cent commission.
Can you imagine, how many gigs they would have to be selling, in order to make measely 500$ a day?
A thousand gigs. Thats right. Is it worth it? probably not!

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 1/1/2011 7:12 AM Mixalhs
Greek fixed price job just launched .


# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 1/9/2011 11:18 PM Diloris
At the moment I am preparing my own Nixer instead of a Gig as in Fiverr. Nixerr is the latest out there that also comes in 4 different languages and the prices range from $5 to $90 so it's bye, bye fiverr from me.

Check them out at Nixerr.com

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 2/20/2011 3:08 PM David
After reading the horror stories here, I am leaning strongly away from Fiverr. The blocking of accounts for one reason or another (or no reason as some state) is a lousy way to do business. I've had encounters with other online services where I've faced service blocking for no apparent reason. It is a horrible business practice. Perhaps they need to enforce their TOS but having innocent users blocked is stupid.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 2/25/2011 12:38 AM Ah Kow
Had no problem with fiverr except 1 red flag messsage :P

But I remind you,stay away from TENBUX.COM

They SCAM sellers and NEVER PAID.They will ban your account after you make a sale.

Burned me $20 and ban me instantly.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 2/27/2011 8:19 AM ram daryanani
Firstly, guys, get a sense of proportion. It is only a FIVER, and not the national debt we are talking about.
Secondly, remember the saying "if it is too good to be true, then it is." Those who think they can get a $500 job for $5 deserve to be scammed by the more unsavoury characters who use this marketplace.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 3/20/2011 1:33 PM ata
Many gigs offer sidebar link for the long term. Yet, when you check back again after say, a week they removed it. It seems after the 3 day period, the order is marked as 'complete' so not sure if you can get a refund or not. Some just wait for the 3 day period and then do what they like and no response. There are many scammers on here.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 3/30/2011 8:46 PM kim
What do you mean "you can't complain"!??

If they don't do the job, you give a thumbs down and say why!!!

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 4/15/2011 5:14 PM blitz
you are full of crap, i sell gigs on there as part of my living.if someone orders from me, its my top priority to deliver asap.
i've had the odd bad comment but only because the orderer was an idiot that couldn't grasp the concept of getting their gig from rapidshare where i was hosting the THEIR GIG. i did explain how to use RS in my responses.PROBABLY AN IDIOT LIKE YOURSELF

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 4/17/2011 4:43 AM Virginia Mortgage Broker
What the heck? I can't believe you can't offer negative feedback on people who don't complete jobs and you can't get your money back after you reject the work. Do they get the money? two thumbs down from me. Will definitely go other places for outsource work.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 4/19/2011 3:51 AM Cassida
I think the issue, now, with this review is that it is nearly a year old, and Fiverr has updated their system several times since then.... therefore, this particular review is dated and useless.

Tenbux, on the other hand, is still unstable and useless in itself.

My cent.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 4/19/2011 3:51 AM Cassida 4/19/2011 6:55 AM iamjames
many of the updates Fiverr have implemented were because of this article being #2 when you google "fiverr sucks"

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 4/22/2011 1:32 PM vancouver wedding photographer
Fiverr custoemer support is a SCAM. They deleted one of my gigs after they has approved it first. I had 100% feedback on it. I asked them to keep my feedback for which I had worked very hard. They did not even respond. I pay good money for this service and I work very hard for my feedback. Fiverr IS A SCAM. And they are thieves.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 4/23/2011 2:53 PM steve
The Inbox absolutely SUCKS. Why can't you delete a message on fiverr? I have to sift through all those messages again? WTF??

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 5/4/2011 11:41 AM James Cousineau
I have used fiverr.com many times for various things I need done. Except for one gig (right now where seller isn't responding) my experience has been great, #1, no complaints. If the seller doesn't deliver within a specified time you are reminded by fiverr.com to contact the seller about the gig. After another time period without delivery they offer and suggest that you to cancel your gig. The seller does not get paid until delivered.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 5/4/2011 11:44 AM James Cousineau
One challenge I have right now, though, is that I am unable today to contact the seller (s). Receive a 400 Bad Request. Site is up. Gigs are showing, but no conversation links or Payment system working.

# ANSWER TO FIVERR SUCKS 5/15/2011 10:10 AM Alex
Hi James,
I like your post, very thought-provoking. I found this AMAZING fiverr look-alike list: http://fiverralternative.blogspot.com/

It could change your opinion about Fiverr!

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 5/15/2011 9:19 PM Penny
I'm actually looking to have fiverr do some work for me. And they WON'T send me a confirmation email. I used different accounts etc. Its bizarre.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 5/21/2011 2:28 AM derek
fiverr sucks, the waiting period is too much, and gigs are sinked very fast

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 6/19/2011 4:21 AM Anna
I believe Fiverr has many issues. I left Fiverr few weeks ago and moved to fiversworld.com after I got suspended from fiverr for no good reason.

Fivers World charging me lower fees than Fiverr which count for them

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 6/20/2011 10:11 PM hardhatcat
I just discovered Fiverr, have tried to 'save' some favorites, and have tried to look thru the FAQ, but none of their links work! I tried to go thru their customer service link, but that link didnt work either .... so how in the world do they have any business, when you' can't contact them?!!!!

makes me very leery about trying to do business thru the site.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 8/2/2011 8:50 AM george
Fiverr wont let me in .It says it cant find my email address?
Had it for five years!!! (btinternet.com)

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 8/14/2011 5:06 PM Kris Silverton
I've had some really bad experiences with Fiverr as well. I bought some backlinks for internet marketing and they literally spammed my blog to death. This is not at all what I asked them to do and it cost me a huge amount of rankings in google. The $5 cost me close to $1000 in work I had already put into my site since they spammed my blog with automated software. Be incredibly careful when using Fiverr right now.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 8/18/2011 7:14 AM Dennis
Fiverr sucks! Whenever you have made some earnings, they will try ways to block,suspense,banned your account for no reasons!!!

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 8/23/2011 2:55 AM Andrew
I did have a hard time myself with fiverr. I got my profile locked up without any notice, and the money i made is all held up. The customer service never replied to me.

I do prefer www.fiversworld.com I haven't had any problem with them so far, and they have some nice features like life time commission on referral sales.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 8/26/2011 4:43 AM dee
I just started using fiverr as a seller. with the exception of it going to a paypal account and having to wait 2 weeks to get paid it's been pretty great.

I'm looking to get experience in a new field and this is helping me build a portfolio full of work that would otherwise be empty.

it sells stuff you have to keep an eye out for scamers whenever you buy something be it a car, a couch, a bunch of code or a week long gf on facebook.

i love it, but of course I'm doing work not buying it.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 8/29/2011 5:22 AM Archit
Fiverr just blocked my account and after 90 days when i asked for the return. they are just demanding for the unnecessary security details.

They are asking for the paypal test payment from the account associated with fiverr. Even though i haven't associate any paypal account with my fiverr account, i just make a test payment coz they are again and again asking for that bullshit ( I have told them that no paypal account is associated with my fiverr account and just keep on posting that bullshit).

So finally every thing is submitted to them and then they just stop replying and if you would post any other support ticket. They just close them and merge them into previous one.

And then after a day or two they just suspend your support ticket account too. What the fcuking response and fcuking customer support.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 10/5/2011 5:46 PM Tim Otool
Fiverr is great. Last month I made $10.00. I bought nachos with that money.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 10/7/2011 8:44 AM LEGEND KING


# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 10/13/2011 4:30 PM Michelle
Hi all,

I'm a buyer just so you know.

Ok, a few things:

1. Contact your local BBB & start making complaints. Even though I heard they are in Israel, with enough complaints, hopefully something will happen.

2. They have blocked my account from being able to PM. They claim it's a technical issue, but it's been going on for over 15 hours now & someone else I know says he can PM.

Can you tell me if you guys can.

3. They stopped approving my requests for months until I finally put my foot down. They had no clue what was going on, I had to demand they look into the problem.

Their site is sooo poorly coded, I've told them several times to get a NEW PROGRAMMER.

They started approving my requests themselves & then last week started refusing again. So, I couldn't get any work done.

I just don't get it, they make money when I hire one of you guys.

I got angry & mentioned how loyal I was to them & I could have gone to their competition & didn't.

They ignored me (TWICE). Not even an apology.

Now all of a sudden I can't PM - how convenient.

I'm signing up to www.fiversworld.com so if you have a referral account, let me know & I'll sign up underneath you.

I'm exhausted & off for the day & hopefully till morning since I pulled an all nighter.

Take care


# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 11/1/2011 8:49 PM Mike Severs
I love Fiverr. You have to be careful like anything else and read the reviews. I only go with people that have a great reviews and a huge amount of orders. I think alot of the bad expeirences could have been avoided with due diligence.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 11/14/2011 3:28 AM Kiki Rose
I thought Fiverr was a great site and it is, I guess, depending on how much business logic you have.

First off, you do NOT get $5 per sale as a seller on Fiverr.com you get $3.90 or some crap like that.

Second off, the customer service is a joke. ALl I ever get replies from is a guy named "Jay". He is very vague when answering questions and frankly is a real pain in the ass. For example, I have the limit amount of gigs on my account - 100%, several sales on several gigs. And a 100% overall percentage on my account WITH gigs under 24 hours. But, they will not let me have express gigs.

When asking Jay why this is the response I got:


Unfortunately there are criteria that you do meet for "express gigs" at this time. Please contact us again in a couple of months so we can revisit this issue.



So I said:

"Um.. can you tell me what criteria I am missing? For example, this gig:


Has all the criteria.

Lead time under 24 hours
2 or more sales from that gig
Positive feedback: 100%
Overall rating 100%"

And he said:


It is not only criteria for gigs, there are criteria for your entire profile. You may always close this current account and open a new one. This would be the best advice that I can provide for you.



And I said:

"Um.. again, can you be a little more specific? What's wrong with my profile?"

And he said:


I am sorry but I am not able to do that at this time.




Three letters - W T F? How the hell am I supposed to fix the mistake if he won't tell me what is wrong with my profile. What if I cancel that account and make a new one and make the same mistake AGAIN? These people are morons. It's a one or two man show and that is it. I could care less who the CEO is - this company is run like a lemonade stand run by 7 year olds. Business? This is not a business. A business has a CS team that are helpful. These people are not helpful. They are an embarrassment.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 11/15/2011 7:19 PM reese
if you want to report any internet based scam report them to IC3.gov

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 1/13/2012 10:01 AM dhonwyn
My account is blocked without knowing what really is the problem or violation :=( Please advice... I still have $188 waiting there..

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 1/20/2012 5:28 AM SR
I was doing well on Fiverr as a seller until out of the blue, I get an email saying they took away my Level 1 status because of my recent activity. My recent activity involved delivering over 20 orders in time. I still had over 40 in my queue when I got that notice. So I log on the site and can't -- it said my account was blocked. I create a ticket to find out exactly what I did to get that account block and I just got a form response implying I violated their TOS.

I was doing work on Fiverr for 7 months -- close to 500 orders and 100% feedback -- and I hadn't done anything different the day they blocked my account. I asked them to tell me exactly what I violated and never got a response.

I have about $300 worth of work that I had completed and will clear in the next 2 weeks and about $200 that I was supposed to do/deliver. Reading some of the comments here, I'm thinking I'm going to write off that $300 as income I'm not going to recover even if they did tell me I can request to withdraw my funds after 45 days. I will never recommend Fiverr to anyone.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 1/24/2012 11:39 AM Christina
we paid them the $5 to get 500 likes on facebook, we got 800 like but 90% of that were from hookers and sex solicitations!

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 2/18/2012 11:33 PM Daniels
I wonder with all the negative comments above, because as a seller on Fiverr, I always found them good treatment in terms of level of support and promotion affairs. Any questions I answered well by the support even if there is a problem I always asked by customer support on many times they give good service even after a case is completed, they always send the seller an email asking whether or not satisfied with their services in handling the case just happened.

None of the above you call I've ever experienced, even called a FAQ link that can not be clicked is not met. In their TOS's obvious what should and should not be done as a seller. So, why do you judge Fiverr like that? A lot of people to outsource their job in Fiverr. Fiverr be the most visited places than other microjob sites. I write it is as one seller there who have good experience with support Fiverr.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 2/21/2012 4:29 AM Fast and furioux
Fiverr are thieves, totally unaceptable, I got my 100 % satisfied buyers account with the best reviews without any explanation, just probably because I reccomended a css forum to a customer, not only they closed my account, refused to give any explanation, they have kept my money, more than 400 USD and insisted in closing my tickets with no answer after a month waiting for my money, now they have closed also my account in the desk and no answer.

Thieves, unproffesionals and with total disregard for users that by the way generate profits for them, they don't delay to have a collective demand, they think they are safe in Israel to do what they please.

I totally recommend to close your account right now and move to another pages, promote your gig in another place and you will do well without dealing with this HUGE crooks.

The worse delinquents of the Internet ever.

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 4/23/2012 4:11 PM oh god
Well, I am a seller on Fiverr and a buyer is currently attempting to scam me out of $15 ($12 after Fiverr takes their cut)
What he did was order the gig, add extras and then he sent me a message asking me to send to his personal E-mail. I said no. I delivered the work 2 days early, even more than what I advertise, and then he sends me a message 10 hours after the delivery informing me that "his account has been hacked and he didn't purchase this, and to please cancel."
So now I'm naturally worried after reading this, because I sent Fiverr a message informing them of the situaiton with this scam-ass buyer. I'm hoping they don't take any action against me for just reporting what this person is trying to do, and I hope I get to keep my $12. Ugh.
It might not sound like alot, but it all adds up. I'm currently waiting on the funds to become available. I will have $100 at the end of this... if things go as they should. :-/
So don't just think the sellers are scamming, beware of the buyers too!

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 5/15/2012 12:09 PM Anil
12 hours Fiverr was down today. When it came back, 195 $ deducted from my account :( Thieves these people are

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 7/16/2012 7:33 AM c6sh
its so true... you pay and you dont even get your item or your money back!

# re: Fiverr Fail - Why fiverr sucks 7/27/2012 5:49 AM vijaygadde
fiverr banned my account without investigating..how to resolve this..? and one guy relay make headache gigs on my fiver account...is this possible to ban that user..?

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