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ASP.NET MVC 2 RC – you’ve been HAACKED
Urlop ojcowski to nie tylko gry i zabawy. Wiekszosc tego wspanialego czasu spedza sie uspokajaniu bobasa oraz próbach poradzenia sobie z ciekawymi sytuacjami, jak np. wybuchowe kupki. Uwierzcie, ze okreslenie tego mianem wybuchu jest jak najbardziej odpowiednie. I wiem, ze nie takiego zdjecia mogliscie sie spodziewac po technicznym wpisie na programistycznym blogu, ale chyba dacie sobie rade. ;) Co?! JUZ czas na RC? Chyba musisz mi zmienic pampersa… Podczas mojej nieobecnosci, team ASP.NET MVC kontynuowal ......

Posted On Friday, December 18, 2009 12:37 PM

ASP.NET MVC - UrlRouting (overview) - part1/1
Hi!, Today I'm gonna consider UrlRouting, despite the fact, that actually it is not a part of ASP.NET MVC. Though, we need UrlRouting to understand MVC. Scott Guthrie also promised, that UrlRouting namespace's source code will be realeased with final version of MVC. I'm really waiting for that to happen, because reflector has little problems with extracting source code, and gives me code that cannot be compiled. [CompilerGenerated] private RouteBase <Route>k__BackingField; This kinda code can ......

Posted On Thursday, December 4, 2008 9:40 PM

Basics of ASP.NET MVC
Hi!, In first post I wrote, that I'll write posts from beggining, so that newbies could start writing MVC apps as my new posts would be coming. But I change my mind :D. We'll start from knowledge that is here. MVC pattern and ASP.NET MVC approach is something that you have to know, but you don't have to read other tutorials on, because we'll egzamine them in different way - understanding it from the total basics - looking at the MVC source code. So watch that video and next post I'll ......

Posted On Monday, December 1, 2008 8:25 PM

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