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Stas Melnikov has compiled this list of JS and CSS plug-ins. There are numerous such lists, all useful, and worth looking at for inspiration.

[Github/loverjoel] is posting a new JavaScript tip everyday. Currently on tip #17 with previous tips all there to inspire.

Wondering how long he’ll keep going??

Definitely worth a look.

Dec 15

The geeks Advent calendar is back.

The content varies and if todays entry doesn’t rock your boat keep looking every day. There’ll be something to meet your need or catch your interest one of the days.

An app I have on my Windows Phone allows me to back up data to my OneDrive account. I hadn’t used this for several months and when I did and opened OneDrive in Windows Explorer, it didn’t seem to have written anything to OneDrive. I contacted the app developer but he didn’t have any suggestions as to what might be wrong. It then occurred to me to log ......

When you first come across regular expressions they can be totally confusing. This article from SitePoint gives a gentle introduction and some resources to go to once you’ve dipped your feet into the water. Demystifying Regular Expressions with Practical Examples ......

A article on Tutorialzine by Danny Markov shows how to centre an object on a page, both horizontally and vertically, using CSS flexbox. And it really is simple.

The Speckyboy Design Magazine site has a list of 50 free e-books for designers and developers that is worth looking at.

A recent article on SitePoint by Omar Wraikat shows how to build a pure CSS style switcher. The key to this is the :checked pseudo-class, which I’d never come across before. Definitely worth reading and it will probably stimulate your imagination for other uses of the technique. ......

The recent launch of Visual Studio 2015 includes the (almost) fully fledged Community Edition. Code Lens seems to be the only major feature not present. It’s completely free to single developers and even small companies, so a no-brainer. Mad Kristensen’s indispensible ‘Web Essentials’ add-in is available for VS2015, so don’t forget this. To coincide ......

A useful and comprehensive article on Sitepoint by Baljeet Rathi.

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