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expression{} Thoughts on Expression Web and web tools in general
Rachel Andrew has a good article about some of the emerging features in CSS. Most are already available in one or more of the modern browsers so you can test and play with them already. http://www.webdesignerdepot... ......

Lorm Ipsum is pretty much the standard for filler text but sometimes you might wish for something different. Something that scans properly and has readable sentences. Lorum Ultimatum allows you to create filler text using passages taken from some classic works of fiction, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ‘Peter Pan’ for example, and several others. Worth giving ...... has a good list of sites offering free images, videos and icons. Worth bookmarking.

Visual Studio Express has always had one big issue for me, the inability to install any (or very few) of the normal Visual Studio extensions. One of the best extensions for front-end development and design is the Web Essentials extension by Mads Kristensen on the VS team. It was a hugely welcome surprise to find that this extension is now available, ......

The free book on Macaw by Schonne Eldridge that I mentioned before has been updated. If you’re already subscribed you’ll get alerts for updates. If not the book is well worth getting to start you off with Macaw. If you haven’t tried Macaw yet, heck, you’re missing something big. The book is available from Macaw itself is at ......

As I’ve highlighted before, the Syncfusion ‘Succinctly’ e-books are excellent resources. They’re written by experts in their field, in an easy to read format. You need to register but they are free and with no obligation or pushy marketing. Well worth downloading.

SitePoint has a good introduction to ARIA, which we can all use to help raise the accessibility of sites.

A recent article with this title made the point that for small sites, using a CMS or even a CSS framework is often unnecessary overkill. I couldn’t agree more! Most of the time I deal with small sites, say 10 – 20 pages at most, and although I started using a responsive CSS framework on some, that proved to be unnecessarily complex. I only need a two ......

The Google Developers site has very good article on the fundamentals of ‘multi-device’ design.

If you are new to responsive design this is great place to start. Multi-Device Layouts.

Front end developer Matt Smith has put together a CSS Play List on YouTube, with a variety of useful presentations, tutorials and demos.

Well worth a visit.

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