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If you use Google Analytics on a site and use Google PageSpeed to optimise performance, one of the odd things you find is that Google’s own analytics code gets flagged under the ‘Leverage browser caching’ header. This appears to be an insurmountable problem but in fact there are scripts that poll GA on a regular basis and inject the latest version in ......

Mar 16

List.js does some neat things for it’s tiny footprint. Sorting, filtering and searching lists and tables is really easy. Plus it’s available via CDN.

Great article about the CSS selectors you never knew existed, really. ......

In a post “REM vs EM – The Great Debate”, Zell Liew gives a thorough explanation of Rem and Em units and how they can be used. Well worth reading if you’ve ever had issues using them or wondered how they work in practice. ......

Microsoft now have a whole range of virtual machines for testing IE6 through to Edge, on Windows, Mac and Linux. ......

Stas Melnikov has compiled this list of JS and CSS plug-ins. There are numerous such lists, all useful, and worth looking at for inspiration.

[Github/loverjoel] is posting a new JavaScript tip everyday. Currently on tip #17 with previous tips all there to inspire.

Wondering how long he’ll keep going??

Definitely worth a look.

Dec 15

The geeks Advent calendar is back.

The content varies and if todays entry doesn’t rock your boat keep looking every day. There’ll be something to meet your need or catch your interest one of the days.

An app I have on my Windows Phone allows me to back up data to my OneDrive account. I hadn’t used this for several months and when I did and opened OneDrive in Windows Explorer, it didn’t seem to have written anything to OneDrive. I contacted the app developer but he didn’t have any suggestions as to what might be wrong. It then occurred to me to log ......

When you first come across regular expressions they can be totally confusing. This article from SitePoint gives a gentle introduction and some resources to go to once you’ve dipped your feet into the water. Demystifying Regular Expressions with Practical Examples ......

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