Backup Azure Tables, schedule Azure scripts… and more

Well – months of effort are now officially over… or should I say it’s just the beginning? Smile  Enzo Cloud Backup 2.0 (beta) is now officially out!!!

This tool will let you do the following:

  • * Backup SQL Database (and SQL Server to a limited extend)
  • * Backup Azure Tables
  • * Restore SQL Backups into another SQL environment
  • * Restore Azure Tables in Azure Storage, or SQL Environment
  • * Manage and schedule database maintenance scripts
  • * Drop database schema containers (with preview) for SaaS environments
  • * Receive alerts (SMTP) when operations complete or fail

That’s it at a high level… but you need to see the flexibility around these features. For example you can select a specific backup strategy for Azure Tables allowing faster backup operations when partition keys use GUIDs. You can also call custom stored procedures during the restore operation of Azure Tables, allowing you to transform the data along the way. You can also set a performance threshold during Azure Table backup operations to help you control possible throttling conditions in your Storage Account.

Regarding database scripts, you can now define T-SQL scripts and schedule them for execution in a specific order. You can also tell Enzo to execute a pre and post script during Azure Table restore operations against a SQL environment.


The backup operation now supports backing up to multiple devices at the same time. So you can execute a backup request to both a local file, and a blob at the same time, guaranteeing that both will contain the exact same data. And due to the level of options that are available, you can save backup definitions for later reuse. The screenshot below backs up Azure Tables to two devices (a blob and a SQL Database).


You can also manage your database schemas for SaaS environments that use schema containers to separate customer data. This new edition allows you to see how many objects you have in each schema, backup specific schemas, and even drop all objects in a given schema. For example the screenshot below shows that the EnzoLog database has 4 user-defined schemas, and the AFA schema has 5 tables and 1 module (stored proc, function, view…). Selecting the AFA schema and trying to delete it will prompt another screen to show which objects will be deleted.



As you can see, Enzo Cloud Backup provides amazing capabilities that can help you safeguard your data in SQL Database and Azure Tables, and give you advanced management functions for your Azure environment. Download a free trial today at

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