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Getting ready for my talk on Business Activity Monitoring at the NYC BizTalk 2006 First Look Clinic this week, I ran into an apparent bug on the BAM Portal.  It wasn't showing the Pivot tables but was giving a message: “The query cannot be processed: Safety settings on this machine prohibit accessing a data source on another domain.“.

Time was getting close to my presentation.  Of course I could ask the audience to “trust me, it really works I'm just having some unexplainable bug right now“, but that's not fun.

I was urgently searching through the newsgroups and found someone else with the same error but he hadn't figured it out yet.  I even had some Microsoft people trying to help but they couldn't reproduce the problem.

Turns out its just what the error says.  My setting in IE for Trusted Sites (which the BAM portal needs to be) had the security setting “Allow data access across domains” set to “Disable“.  This setting is in the Miscellaneous category.  Setting this to “Enable” does the trick.

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Thank you for posting this.
I hade the same problem and cound not find the setting....
Left by Mikael Sand on Sep 12, 2007 7:36 AM

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