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When i announced the release of NSELib, this was also discussed in the Linux community (for example in the newsgroup comp.os.linux.advocacy).
This is the type of remarks i read:

  • Just imagine that, they ask money for it!
  • Hey have you seen that? They provide source code. Within a few days you can download it all from the internet.
  • This guy probably doesn't know what he is talking about anyway.

In other words, the normal way of thinking in the linux world seem to go like this:

  • Software should be free. Programmers should work for free. If they want to get paid to do their work, they are thieves.
  • Don't expect anyone to be honest. After all i'm not honest myself: I steal software as much as possible. So why shouldn't everyone else?
  • Someone who is not known in our community as a "good guy" should never be trusted.

I wonder how Linux will ever gain credibiity if this is how their "advocates" are behaving? Posted on Monday, February 9, 2004 7:03 AM | Back to top

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