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Database .NET is an awesome tool that allow us manage several database in simultaneous (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc).

What lead me to install this tool was an problem that must be shared by must developers. Tools like SQL Server Management Studio consume to many resources, and if you don't have a decent computer you'll get problems in performance, and that's my case!

With Database .NET we can access an SQL Server for example, and make several actions to database (crud operations, manage procedures, etc).
Of course that this tool can replace the use of SQL Server Management Studio for example!  But it's really usefull if  you just need to perform small operations because it consumes many fewer resources.

This tool don't need to be installed (it can be used as an portable application).

One tip: if you are using SQL Server Express for example, don't forget to check the server name in Database .NET connection. In my case i've to change from GUILHERM-196634 to GUILHERM-196634\SQLExpress.



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