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Today, I have spent considerable time bashing my head against the wall.  Our company policy stipulates that no developer will work while logged on with an administrative account.  Although I applaud this idea and accept it for its inherent security and general all around good idea, it is still frustrating as heck. (Not the word I want to use).

Why do VS Developers and Debugger Users not have read permission to the MSSQL directory?  Or for that matter, why not read and execute to most of the directories and subdirectories on the file system? 

I tried to install the Reporting Services sample application from MSDN which uses an MSI file.  There is no Run As for those files types.  Aarrrrggghhh!!!

Thank God It's Friday!!!

1) Stop at beer store on way home

2) Place entire 12 pack on ice in a bucket

3) Place bucket beside pool within easy reach

4) Do not get out of pool until beer is gone

Exceptions to rule 4:

a) bathroom breaks

b) ice melts

c) wife is motioning in a seductive fashion ;-)



Posted on Friday, July 23, 2004 8:03 AM | Back to top

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