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Hello, my name is Alan Jackson.  No, hot Him.  The other guy.  I am new to, so a quick intro might be nice.  I have been doing computing / IT functions for both public and private industry since my intern job of 1985.  From teaching myself C/Unix in 1985 to forging a new path to VC++/VB/C# in 2005, I think that I have just about worked on every kind of software or design effort.

I am passionate about making quality software, and constantly struggling to keep up.  At my age, you either code or perish in my opinion.  To me blogging is less about showing what you know and more about keeping a mental dump about problems that I have solved that I don’t care to solve again.  And nowadays, I keep very little paper around.  Here are some links to some other blogs that I have worked on:

What is go281 supposed to mean?

You’ve all faced this when you register on a site.  What name can I use?  What can I use which I am pretty sure has never been used before and I won’t forget?  go is short for Grabber Orange.  Which is the color of the 2007 Mustang GT convertible that I drive.  281 is the size of the 4.6L engine in cubic inches.  It’s that simple.  I love my mocheen.

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