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Google recently release Gmail Mobile, a version of their browser targeted at mobile phones.  Those of us with Microsoft smartphones or PocketPC phones have already had this functionality for some time, via Gmail Basic.  With the introduction of Gmail Mobile, quite a bit of functionality in the basic view was lost.  The mobile view isn't all bad, it renders faster due to it light weight, but it chops messages into pages, which is frustrating, I would rather wait for the load time and read the whole message. Also, any links in the email get processed by gmail into reformatted versions as well.  The ability to view PDFs and other attachments is nice, but my iMate JasJar (HTC Universal) already has Acrobar installed, but I would have liked that feature when I was using my SMT5600.

In any case, you can get back to the basic view by explicitly using this URL.

Note that both the leading http:// and the trailing / are important to make the URL work. If you are missing either part, you get sent back to the mobile view automatically.

I keep a bookmark for the basic view, and the mobile view in PIE (Pocket Internet Explorer) so I have access to both depending on my available bandwidth (GPRS, 3G, or 802.11) and the balance between speed and features that I need at the time.

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Thanks man you are a life saver!!!!!!!
Left by steve on Jan 15, 2006 4:41 PM

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