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Ferdous has industry level experience with SharePoint and has done several presentations and workshops on SharePoint. He also worked as SharePoint Consultant (CREDEM Italy, Robi etc) and Trainer (BASIS, JAXARA IT, LEADS Co.). He is currently working as SharePoint Architect at BrainStation-23. He also worked as Technical Project Manager for Congral LLC for managing revolutionizing Patient Centric Healthcare applications at the same company since 2009.

Before joining here, he worked for OT Group SPA and for Rockwell Automation in Italy. He is the author of several technical articles with over 49 articles published on where he is the Technical Author for the site and author of as well. He is also founder of SharePoint Expert group. Looking for a Offshore Development or partnership.............. in any development in Dot.Net & SharePoint Platform.

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Project Planning: The nine common mistakes of planning
There are nine common mistakes of project planning in the software development. Every project manager should care about those mistake before starting of planning. The following nine mistakes are: 1. Not planning at all 2. Not planning enough 3. Default caused by risk events 4. Reusing the same plan for different projects 5. Applying "standard" plans 6. Let plan to be different from reality 7. Detailing too much at the beginning 8. Planning to recover later… 9. Don’t consider mistakes that we have ......

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