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We all know that methodologies implant discipline to software engineering process. The methodology adopted has a major impact on the execution of a project. XP Programming methodology has been adopted as an agile programming practice. XP is a deliberate and disciplined approach to software development.

XP gives utmost importance to Customer and the practice revolves around meeting customer expectations. XP stresses on testing and mandates writing test scripts before developing. XP is considered to be a Light Weight Methodology as it is people centric rather than process centric. This methodology emphasizes team work and the rules intensify the group dynamics.

The core of XP is pair programming. Meaning, two programmers work together and share a computer. This is like two brains working on one computer. This always poses questions on productivity compared to two programmers working independently on separate computer. Programming always involves writing code, checking for quality, code refactoring and meeting standards. XP enables all of the above to be executed in a much efficient way in a shorter time compared to the traditional methodology.

The team size also attributes to the success of XP methodology. Team size of 4 to 12 has reported greater success compared to larger teams. In summary, when the requirements are dynamic and there is an increased risk of meeting deadlines, XP practice proves to be the methodology to adopt. Also, XP does not mandate a Strict Process to follow. It creates a very flexible, and fun to work environment, which results in increased productivity and quality output.

Link: Extreme Programming | XP FAQ | What is it?

First Extreme Programming Pair Desk by Tom Riley of Maryland
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