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In April 2005 I was writing this short blog entry I called "The Very First One", to introduce my then newly created blog - which was actually me second attempt at a blog. Although that wasn't my first blog, it was the first created with the intention of being a bit more serious and that post talked a little about me and the projects I was about to start and what my intentions were with that blog. Little did I know that it wouldn't go exactly that way.

I quite liked the blog at, and still do, and being a self-declared geek, it is very appropriate. But it's time to move on and I've made a decision to have my own domain and my own website that will aggregate the contents I produce, including my blog.

I will not close my blog at, at least not for now, until I decide what I will do with it. But I've decided not to import its contents to this new blog, hence this post being the very first one, again. I will, though, re-post some of what I think was my best stuff.

Now, talking a bit about this new website, as you will see there are sections to cover my endeavours in development and photography, as well as a bit of information about myself including other hobbies I have. None of it is necessarily fixed and I will make no promises apart from promising to keep this website changing to fit my needs and possibilities.

Please be patient, it will take some time to have actual contents online, but I will get there; right now is more of an experimental skeleton than anything else.

Thanks for reading and I'll talk to you soon.

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