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This session is by Scott Hunter, Program Manager at MSFT

In July 2007 - ASP.NET Futures was released
That was followined by an Extensions Preview of ASP.NET 3.5 in Dec 07
Then in March 08 - we started doing some new stuff - ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 - MVC and more

The ASP.NET will continue to release out-of-bound items. CodePlex is the main driver for that. - This is where you will find the interim drops.

Currently there are ~1,000 downloads today


If you want to see all the latest and greatest stuff (current) then this is the site to visit.

  • VS10 supports multi-targeting
    • Use VS10 Advances when developing against FX4.0 or FX3.5
  • FX4.0 maintains a high compatibility bar with FX 3.5 - if you migrate from 3.5 to 4.0 - you should not have a breaking release.
  • ASP.NET investments include rollup of 'out-of-band' features

4.0 Themes

  • Best platform for standards (CSS, HTML, Ajax
  • Is a great LOB platform
  • Support pattern based development models - MVC and TDD
  • Re-invest in the core ASP.NET as well
  • Investment in Web Forms, Core Infrastructure, MVC, Data and Dynamic Data, and Ajax

Web Forms

  • Developers can manage control IDs that affect rendered client ID
  • Remove ID bloat, and 'mangling'
  • CSS:
    • Ideally remove the need to use CSS adapters
    • Defer to CSS styles and bypass existing style properties
      • non-inline style attributes
    • Support non-table-based HTML rendering
  • URL-routing for web forms
    • Friendly url handling for web forms
    • configuration model for url routing
  • View state
    • Disable on the page, enable on specific controls - they will provide granular control of viewstate - today it is backwards
    • Disable on control, enable on child controls
    • GridView/ListView work better without viewstate
  • ASP.NET dynamic-data


  • Continue ASP.NET Ajax innovation : RIA
  • Appeal to JavaScript Developers
  • Provide support for the page developer
  • jQuery including Intellisense
  • Templates and data binding
    • Client side handling, REST or Web Services
    • Covers page developer and component developer scenarios
  • DOM manipulation, selectors ...
  • Ajax higher-level components
    • Ajax Control Toolkit is a part of the strategy - they will make the toolkit part of the overall ASP.NET package
    • New controls
  • Centralized script libraries and break-up for performance


  • Appeal to those wanting separation of concerns, TDD, full control
  • Ruby on Rails, Django, PHP
  • Building on from ASP.NET MVC 1.0
  • ASP.NET MVC (Model View Controller)
  • Asynchronous controllers
  • Sub-controllers & Views
  • Declarative controls

ASP.NET Dynamic Data

  • Making building data-driven web apps easily
  • Attacking the Ruby on Rails crowd
  • Building on from FX3.5 SP1
  • Dynamic-data and MVC
    • Scaffolding, templates and data validation
  • Support for abstract data layer
    • Removes need for specific DL (SQL, entities ...)
    • Allows scaffolding of objects
  • Support for many to many relationships
  • Dynamic data on MVC -- this is on codeplex today
  • Built around something called field templates
  • Enhanced filtering:
    • Auto-complete, search filters

I need to check out Astoria data source controls --- cool demo.


  • Address customer pain points
  • Improve scale and performance
  • Cache extensibility and performance:
    • Enable caching like Velocity
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Nice one..
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thanks, looking forward to installing
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Nice work. Guys you can check the summarized form of 4.0 features here at
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