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image Well, this is the first day at PDC 2008. This is, by far, my favorite conference. This year's PDC has a lot of energy and excitement. I think, partially, the reason is due to the fact that the last PDC was canceled (I had signed up for that one). The last PDC was in 2005 - so this one was due.

I was invited by Microsoft to the conference as part of the Microsoft Regional Director program. You can find more information on the RD program by reading some of the blog posts from other fellow RDs at

I came to Los Angeles early for the Regional Director events at PDC. It started with a party for RDs and some other special guests at Tim Huckaby's house. Unfortunately, his house was two hours away from LA and towards San Diego. This was a party with a lot of Microsoft folks and some others from around the world. I met the RDs from New Brunswick, Canada; Finland; Germany; and more.

One of the most exciting parts of the party that evening was the fact that Microsoft brought a Surface computer. This was the first time that they ever did this and it was the first time that they had one working outside. Here is a picture of me working with the Surface computer:

PDC 2008 OCT 013

PDC 2008 OCT 016 PDC 2008 OCT 017

The texture of the surface (of the Surface computer) was a rough feel - not smooth like glass like you would expect. It is a multi-touch surface that allows multiple people to work with it all at once. My friend, Kevin Grossnicklaus, thinks that this will be in most people's living rooms within three years - myself - though I would love one - I think it will be further off than that. We'll see.

Besides the meeting - 2009 and 2010 will be exciting years for Microsoft. I got one of the first glimpses of Windows 7 and since I am under contract - I unfortunately can't say anything about it now - but .... I'm excited ... or as Bill Gates would say - Super Excited!

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3 years...I still think so...I'll have one of those in my house sooner than that
Left by Kevin Grossnicklaus on Oct 26, 2008 7:01 PM

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