Unrecognized Zune - Reinstall Windows Media Player

imageAll of a sudden I couldn't sync my Zune anymore on my Windows XP computer. I would always get an error that there was an error on the installation of the hardware when I plugged the Zune into the USB port. The actual error I would get was:

There was a problem installing this hardware "zune" 

I tried all sorts of "fixes" including installing the Zune software update and uninstalling the Zune drivers, but nothing seemed to be working. There were folks on the Internet saying that I should format the Zune through a series of clicks - ummm no.

There was also a suggestion of cleaning up my registry and that I should get a registry cleaner of sorts and fix the problem. Though, there was also the suggestion that I should do a complete download/reinstall of Windows Media Player 11 as it will install some services that might have been removed. I gave this a try (as it was an easy one) and it worked perfectly - now my Zune is back connected and I am syncing.

While I was at TechEd 2008, I bought myself some nice "premium" headphones (plugin style).

Zune Premium Headphones

They have like a canvas feel to the cord which is different and interesting and provide a more rigid cord than otherwise. I like them and they sound great. I also got myself a docking station (to plug into my receiver at home), though the AC adapter is something that I can't take to Europe as it is for US power levels only. Dang. I would have rather carried a bigger AC adapter to then be able to carry that adapter around the world with me.