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Started with a skit of two actors – one being IT and another representing development. They complained about each other and made some funny jokes about each other. Then Andy Lees was introduced. The crowd liked the skit.


Andy Lees

Corporate VP, Server and Tools Business


  • States that 70% of the time IT is standing still
  • Cause of this is complexity
  • MSFT will reduce IT complexity
  • Windows Server System components (SQL, Exchange, OS, etc.) all work together seamlessly … this reduces complexity
  • We are doing this integration based upon our customers feedback
  • Windows SS is designed for: Operations Infrastructure, Information Work Infrastructure, Application Infrastructure
  • WSS will help manage costs, keep the business running and deliver new business value
  • MSFT Initiatives: Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI), Trustworthy Computing, .NET
  • ANNOUNCING Common Engineering Roadmap
  • ANNOUNCING Common Engineering Criteria 2005: What our server products will each have:
    • We will provide an ever-increasing set of criteria to help you add value
    • We will have Virtual Server Support for our products
    • MOM management pack at launch
    • Command line for scripting and/or WMI enabled
    • Windows Installer and windows update support
    • SD3 – Secure by design, by default, in deployment
    • 64-bit support
    • Core training available at launch
    • Architectural guidance for core usage scenarios
    • .NET Connected
    • Closed loop feedback via error reporting
    • For all products
    • This provides predictability
    • NOTE: This got just a little bit of applause from the crowd
  • Helping support the total community through MSDN and TechNet. THOUGHTS: I’ll reserve my comments on this one. Friends can email me for my thoughts. J
  • ANNOUNCING: Best Practices Analyzer for SQL Server
  • ANNOUNCING: SQL Server 2005 Data Encryption
  • File replication changes: This demo was cool. The demo man was working with an 8mg PPT file and saving changes to it as it resided across the network – thereby sending 8mg multiple times back and forth across the wire. With the new file replication changes option turned on – only the changes are sent across the wire and not the entire 8mg file. Neat.
  • SQL Server 2005’s native data encryption. Showed a typical application. He then looked at some SQL query files that contained sensitive data – encrypted. OK demo.
  • IT at Microsoft:
    • Managing costs: $9M saved in current year
      • 25% reduction in servers overall
      • Eliminated 65 domain controllers
      • From 114 Exchange mailbox servers to 38
      • 4 print servers, 1500 queues, 9.5M pgs/month
  • Security is one of the top priorities at Microsoft
    • Isolation and Resiliency: WinXP SP2, Client inspection, ISA 2004, Network Protection
    • Authentication, Authorization and Access: Network security, Data protection, identity federation, WS-Federation
    • Quality & Engineering Excellence: Secure Development Lifecycle, Developer Platform/Tools/Guidance
    • Simplified & Automated Updates: Windows Update Services, SMS, Update Quality/Size/Downtime
    • Guidance, Tools & Responsiveness: TechNet, MSDN, Prescriptive Guides, Training, Events, MBSA, Certification
  • Demo of the Client Inspection and Isolation Exchange Intelligent Message Filter Exchange Edge Services
  • Skit continued and showed the at home developer using a program called WAZAA! (Kazaa) to download the latest and greatest files (MC Hammer) from the Internet
  • WinXP SP2 – Security Center
    • Firewall
    • Automatic Updates
    • Virus Protection
  • WinXP SP2 will integrate with the products you have (Norton, etc.)
  • For Windows Server 2003 – in the future there will be the ability for IT staff to do client inspection and isolation of end-users computers when they plug into the network (good for IT, but geez that is a little unnerving – I need to look into this more and see what it all means)
  • Stat: 2/3rds of all email is Spam.
  • Nothing in the SMTP protocol to prevent spoofing of email
  • Introducing caller id – can check the IP address on the email for validation. – AWESOME!
  • SMS2003 – significantly enhanced – downloads all product updates and generates product catalogs and targets machines that need these updates
  • All updates will be transacted and allow for us to uninstall that update on a particular server and get the application up and running
    • Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003
    • Windows Services for UNIX
    • Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 “Express”
    • THIS IS FREE FOR ALL TECHED 2004 ATTENDEES (cut down versions)
  • Windows Server 2003 “R2” – the version that comes out after the SP which is later this year
  • Dynamic Systems Initiative
    • #1: Create a definition of a new or existing system – a system definition model (SDM)
    • #2: Automatically deploy, configure and update using its definition
    • #3: Operate the system based on its definition
  • Now “2004”: Will ship Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, BizTalk Server 2004, Host Integration Server 2004, Internet Security & Acceleration Server 2004, Operations Manager 2005, Windows Update, System Center 2005, Virtual Server 2005
  • 2005 “Yukon”: Windows Server 2003 Release 2, Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005
  • “Longhorn”: Quote: A whole new architecture
  • Do more with less is the key
  • SWEET!!!! – He talked about the wonderful things that Reuters is doing with our remote management story!!! AWESOME.
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