Goodbye Sharon - all the best!

I have done six .NET books all with the same editor. Today was her last day as she has decided to move onto less-stressful pastures than book acquisitions. I used to always joke in my house and say that I had two ladies that would boss me around in my life - my wife and my editor. All the best Sharon .... what am I going to do now?

ASP.NET Roadshow Coming to St. Louis - AND WE ARE READY!

Rob Howard is bringing ASP.NET 2.0 to St. Louis via the ASP.NET Roadshow. We are excited and we are ready! We have around 300 people already signed up for the event and there is a bus of folks coming from Kansas City as well (4 hour drive). This will be our first meeting at St. Louis University and we have a ton of giveaways for the event. As I know it so far, we are giving away:

  • 5 Pocket PCs
  • MSPress books for everyone who fills out an evaluation
  • T-Shirts
  • Books from Sams Publishing
  • Books from John Wiley
  • Goodwill and happiness

Sound good? - SEE YOU THERE.

Microsoft to Lose the Windows Trademark?

I read this press release and was a little shocked. In Microsoft's battles with, it seems that they opened a can of worms. Now the jury is going to be deciding whether the word “Windows” predates Microsoft's use of it in 1983 and Microsoft is in jeopardy of losing their trademark over the Windows name. Read the entire release here.