INETA and Mono

Interesting .... INETA gets a mention on Miguel de Icaza's blog. I understand that the Mono interested folks did have a meeting separate of the BOFs at PDC and that there was a rather large group in attendance. In the middle of the week at PDC, I did end up having lunch with Miguel and some of the other INETA folks and we did talk about the situation. ..... ummmm .... buy me a beer if you want to know!  ;)

The World's Worst Album Covers

OK ... I HAD to post this .... I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. This guy (Stone) put some of the world's worst album covers on his blog. FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY!

Interesting Visual Basic .NET Discussions about Refactoring

There are some interesting conversations going on about refactoring in VB that shouldn't be missed from the VB team. (first post) (follow-up post)

XBOX Cheaper in Japan?

Looks like Microsoft is going to lower the cost of the XBOX in Japan down to around $45(USD). Wow! That is a heck of a price cut. They are doing it because the XBOX doesn't seem to be taking hold in the country of video games and if you are going to make it big in the video game industry - you have to be big in Japan!