Longhorn install worries

OK ... I haven't installed Longhorn yet .... I can't decide on how to do it. I have an important WORK laptop that could handle it, but my entire work existence is on it and I can't meddle with it. Then I have a nice desktop at home that the entire family uses and I have been warned repeatedly about installing all sorts of alpha/beta stuff on that computer as I seem to always mess up my wife's computer existence. So I want to build a new machine ... but I have to do it piecemeal - meaning case and motherboard this week, drive next week, etc. I leaned more towards this avenue after reading Jeff Julian's post here. Any other install stories?

posted @ Tuesday, November 4, 2003 6:28 AM

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Left by stephen wood at 11/4/2003 8:46 AM
I'm about to build my 5th computer. I've mostly re-used cases that housed older technology. I've used a couple of combinations but am settling on ASUS montherboards, AMD 2500 CPUs, and ANTEC cases/power supplies. I buy from newegg.com which has customer reviews of products that can help. I also pretty much go with 'picks' from hardwareguys.com.

If you want to set up computers with configurations that might go awry, you might look into VMWARE. It's easy to setup virtual machines.

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Left by Diego Vega at 11/4/2003 9:40 AM

Sorry I bother you here, but I cannot subscribe to your RSS feed using Newsgator. Maybe it is something wrong with the feed, cause it dosen't validate in http://feedvalidator.org/.

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Left by Bill Evjen at 11/4/2003 10:56 AM
YOU ARE RIGHT! Checking into that.

# re: Longhorn install worries

Left by Jeff Julian at 11/4/2003 12:40 PM
All should be well with Bill's RSS Feed now!

# re: Longhorn install worries

Left by Chris Kinsman at 11/6/2003 7:04 AM
Shuttle all the way baby....

# RSS feed

Left by Diego Vega at 11/7/2003 12:37 PM
RSS is working now ;) Thanks.

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