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I am not a fan of the official name “Visual Basic .NET” for the VB language. It was too bad that the .NET moniker name was thrown on everything. Microsoft obviously has as well since they changed the beta product “Windows Server .NET 2003” to “Windows Server 2003”. So I have been asking around if they are going to do the same thing with Visual Basic .NET. In most of the presentations here at PDC though - you see “Visual Basic .NET” - BUT if you go to the Whidbey page for this language - - you can see that they just call it “Visual Basic” and nothing else.

To me, I would like the official name to be - “Visual Basic 8.0” so we all can call it “Visual Basic” or “VB” again!!!


Posted on Wednesday, October 29, 2003 7:27 AM Windows , Microsoft | Back to top

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